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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Onward and Upward with the Ownership Society

It's been two weeks since Our Leader convincingly and decisively showed the world that he is loved by all the people who share his goals. Unfortunately, a small group of whiny recidivists are still complaining about how these people were counted. Our business partner, Diebold, has a solution for everyone.

Our loyalists in Congress insured that any acts requiring verification of proprietary vote-counting software were kept off the floor. That prevented any State Supreme Court shenanigans, for how can there be a recount without any actual ballots to count?

As Our Leader has shared with his supporters, his very first edict after the Reaccession was to return Social Security to the corporations it had been stolen from. Most analysts interpreted this to mean some form of riskier investment accounts. But Our Leader doesn't make small or gradual changes. And our partners at Diebold already have the technology to implement his edict directly.

So don't worry how much money is in a bank account when we abolish the FDIC and the Federal Reserve system. That's right, take a look at who made those ATMs.

The ownership society: it's simply a matter of who ends up owning whom.

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