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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Of Art and Beauty and Black Militant First Ladies

Anyone who's ever read Kidist Asrat's blog, Camera Lucida, has witnessed her righteous burning hatred of the anyone who is a) penisless, b)unheartlandishly hued or c) is either a or b and not a bitter Canadian woman of South Asian descent, but it is ugliness that is her most despised enemy.

As an artist, designer, and critic of all things aesthetic, that's not surprising. She demands beauty in all things and will tolerate nothing less. You can see her passion for the art of beauty in the design of her blog:

I'm telling you this, because Miss Asrat is holding a fundraiser to fund something she calls "Reclaiming Beauty." I believe it is an attempt to make the whole world reflect the beauty of her web site design.

Or maybe, she simply wants to fight the battle for beauty by spending more time exposing the the kind of filthy ugliness she most abhors. The name of that vile hideousness is Michele Obama:
Obama's [sic] cleverly uses Michelle's aggression to act like the "good guy." Yet, he is following in his politics the exact same dismantling of white society that Michelle is blatantly advocating. His expression above is a benevolent cringing at the loud vocals probably emitting from Michelle. Yet, she clearly behaves this way because he never tells her to stop. He wants her to behave like this. Their private conversations must be full of raised fists.
I can actually see her turning ugly. Is that why Obama is so nice to here - kissing her in public, and all those intimate dances during their parties? And he also needs her irrational (black power) anger, since he's not going there in the same way. He's smartly sticking to "politics." 
And there is much there besides a pictorial one (e.g. Obama's underlying aggression, and Michelle as his female Captain).

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