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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Our Leader Takes a Paige from the Holy Book

Rodney Paige, Secretary of Our Leader's Ministry of Propaganda, Youth Division is delighted to report that the voucher movement is a splendid success. One way to destroy the Godless communist atheistic Christophobic public education is by siphoning off their tax-dollars to fly-by-night fads, the more expensive the better, such as charter schools. And now, the results are in and the charter schools have taken in more than 600,000 students that would otherwise be exposed to liberal teacher-unionists. Charter schools are instead run by private corporations, who understand Jesus' admonition that the invisible hand can't manage a vineyard as well as a no-bid sweetheart deal.

Better yet, many of these charter schools are bringing some needed competition to the nation's failed public schools. Just last week, 10,000 lucky ducklings benefited from this educational experiment as their charter school system reaped the whirlwind of business as usual. Talk about leaving no child's behinds!

The Department of Education released a larger report last November, without any discussion of the positive charter school data. Supporters noted that, for example, fourth-grade Hispanics at charter schools across the country, when compared to a peer group at the atheistic schools, did perform 2 points better on state tests . Godless communist teachers unions were able to selectively interpret data from the Department's website in making the comparison of charter versus atheistic schools, yet were still unable to refute the spectacular results.

Corporate FlagWe would like to salute Rodney Paige for his excellent work, not only at the Department of Education, but his former successes in the Houston School System. And his determination to Leave No Child Behind is yet another feather in Our Dear Leader's cap of corporate consensus.

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