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Monday, October 11, 2004

Winning the Art War

Sometimes good Christian patriots get it wrong. That was the case recently when a Washington DC museum removed a painting called Man of Leisure, King George from display. According to museum officials, they believed that it was inappropriate to show a picture of Our Furious Leader in the nude being attended to by Deputy Leader Dick.

Usually, I'd agree with such a move, but in this case, there is a more important issue at stake, the war against decadent French art. You see, this painting is an American version of Manet's so-called "masterpiece," Olympia. It celebrates family values rather than French decadence by replacing Manet's whore-lady with the figure of Our Furious Leader resting after a bold and resolute wrestling match conducted naked in the manner of the ancient Spartan society of warriors.

This painting moves me. One can almost hear The Chosen One regaling the Regent, Cheney, with tales of how he took wood to his opponent and made him cry for his mother.

It's the kind of art that stirs one's loins and stokes one's passions. We need more of it. Hopefully, it will be rescued and put in a place of honor in the White House.

Thanks to reader Chris and Tangerine for the tip.

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