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Monday, September 19, 2005

Be proud of your party

One of the things many of us conservatives hated most about Paul Hackett was his refusal to alert people to the fact that he was a Democrat when he was calling Our Leader a "son of a bitch" and accusing him of being a failure. It's important to us that our candidates stress their GOP affiliation even in these times when most people consider the word "Republican" to me be a synonym for graft, corruption, and just plain incompetence.

That's why a group of fine patriots recently created a website for Massachusetts State Senate candidate Bill White after they noticed that the word "Republican" appeared nowhere on his own. It's a beautiful site, one that should serve as a model for other proud GOP candidates.

Rather than running from the graft, corruption, and incompetence that give our party so much character, the new Bill White website embraces these values by embracing the Republicans who embody them, men like George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Tom DeLay, and Rick Santorum.

The Bill White site also reaches out to our theocracy-minded brothers with pleas like this:

Pray that our country will turn its back on its wickedness and rampant sodomy and return to the strong moral values it was founded on.

Bill White for Senate even has a handy "Upcoming Jubilees" schedule:

I hope other Republican candidates will follow Bill White for Senate's lead. That way, the people will be given a clear choice between the parties' competing philosophies.

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