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Thursday, November 02, 2006

The most splendiferous of sockpuppets

"C Perlman" in an Amazon spotlighted review of Lynne Cheney's latest book writes:

I saw Lynne Cheney on the TODAY show and have just ordered many copies of the 3rd in this splendiferous series for all the children, teachers and history buffs I know!...The illustrations by Robin Priess Glasser are joyful and cartoon like so it's really fun to look at and can inspire kids to learn about America in a fun way. Every home and school library should have a copy of this and the other 2 books by this team.

Further down the page, in a comment to D.K. Gaul, she writes:

I am the illustrator of this book and I take offense at your political comments.

Some might find her self-aggrandizing sockpuppetry distasteful, but I like to think of it as a splendiferous expression of conservative principles in action.
Indeed, it's almost Pomboesque in its greedy beauty. I'm sure Mrs. Cheney is very proud of her collaborator.

Update: Amazon removed Mrs. Perlman/Glasser's review. Luckily, I have screen caps of both it and the comment.

Perlman/Glasser's review

Perlman/Glasser's comment

Update II: Seoul Survivor has more screen caps.

Update III: The other spotlighted reviewer, "History Buff," only reviews Lynn Cheney's books. Dick, is that you?

A tip of the old helmet to phoebes, who has some very cool stuff on her website.

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