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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The reviews are in

The Apostropher: "Now let's talk about that timetable for withdrawal."

BitchPhD: "I'm warning you, though: it's simultaneously hilarious and utterly appalling."

Me? I say, "Bring it On," but my Inner Frenchman has to go with Ms. PhD's take.

Please think before commenting (or at least show more restraint than I did when I posted it).


  1. Y'know, if she'd eat a sammich or something, get a little meat on her bones, I'd do her.

    Maybe lose the peroxide.

  2. I'm only seeing the appalling part.

  3. Anonymous12:52 PM

    The fabric of reality just tore and we shifted into some hick/whore alternate universe.

    Someone please tell me she's joking. (I don't care if you know if she is or not...just TELL me she's joking). ;o


  4. She's JOKING. Duh.

    She's trying to lampoon not only the Pentagon's ad campaigns desperately seeking new cannon-fodder, the country-music obsession with (allegedly) worshiping those who serve, whilst really licking Karl Rove's boots, AND sending out a smoke signal to the troops that we (us libruls) really DO support the troops themselves, and that we really DO want them all to come home, healthy and relatively sane, and never have them be screwed by another illegal, illegitimate fake "war" again.


  5. Anonymous10:43 PM

    It's so porn laden with sexual blatancy (not that that's a BAD thing) I don't see any messages.

    Getting phreaky like Abu Gharib though, is more than I can take for parody.

    Might as well be rap, bitch's and ho's for the most part.

    I wouldn't share it with MY buddies, even for the porn stuff. Soldiers get it, they'll all be so busy whacking off in the latrine's they'll be no fighting or killin done.

    Wait. That's NOT a bad thing.

    Hmmm . . . didn't the Greek women withold sex and stop a war? :smirk:

  6. Anonymous11:53 PM

    She's a comedian. Google her name, it's posted on the youtube pages.

  7. Anonymous11:53 PM

    Not surprisingly, she's from a "blue" state.

    Or is it "blew" state?


  8. Anonymous12:01 AM

    ROFLMAO that was hiliarious

  9. Anonymous12:09 AM

    OMG, I cracked up. I think I agree with ASC, that has to be a parody. Otherwise it is the most pathetic thing I have ever seen.

    A lot of servicemen are going to be imagining shooting her "down south."

  10. Anonymous12:22 AM

    Look, if the right wing nutjobs can't handle this and start attacking liberals someone needs to bring up the Pam A. vlogs.

  11. Anonymous12:24 AM

    Ok. That is both the most repulsive and hilarious thing I've seen in a really long time... I did laugh the entire time (around the throw-up in the back of my throat). It's either accidental genius, or someone with a very sick sense of humor is unleashing themselves... either way, it is definitely not for the humorless.

    I gotta watch it again (you know, kinda like drinking too much...)

  12. As Leonard Pinth Garnel might say,

    "That wasn't very good, Was it"

  13. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  14. Anonymous12:56 AM

    Am I a bad Jew or a Good Jew that it took her singing "Red White and Blue this is for you" three times before I didn't hear it as "Rabbi Bloom blew it for you"?

  15. the irony in that video is very ironic (wink).

    Blessed are the country musicians singing about the desertification of women's sexual organs.


  16. okay...that was utterly disturbing. too ugly for sexy, too corny for satire, too funny for "poignant", and too country for music. that clip should have a warning from the surgeon general, not a recommend from jesus' general!

  17. Anonymous1:23 AM

    I think I watched about ten seconds of it a couple of days ago. I don't remember which blog I was at. I don't remember much of anything, really, except desperately trying to claw out my own synapses.

    I'm adding this to the list of things I've voluntarily not watched, along with the beheadings of Daniel Pearl & Nicholas Berg, the execution of Saddam Hussein, the Fux News hit job on Kurt Vonnegut, and also other stuff I probably don't remember.

    Still I get the shudders. There are probably people who actually like this kind of thing. Yick!

  18. Has Ashcroft seen this?

  19. Ok, I'm deeply disturbed. I watched it. Twice. I'm very ashamed. Now I'm gonna tell some equally disturbed friends so they can also be ashamed.

  20. Anonymous1:47 AM

    That is a funny video. Just a joke.

  21. Of course its a joke! Jesus God, how could ANYONE thing otherwise??

  22. Anonymous2:14 AM

    Now that took some vulva!
    In ironic depth, risk of exposure, and perfection of execution, I'd put it up there near Colbert at the WH Correspondents Dinner.

  23. Anonymous2:17 AM

    Totally a joke. No way it's not.

  24. Anonymous2:40 AM

    Oh my dear sweet jaysus gawd almighty. I'm so appalled and yet...I can't stop laughing. That was the most horrifyingly funny thing I've seen in ages. Madness. Genius.

  25. Anonymous4:28 AM

    Appalled? I loved it. She's trash, the war is trash, and if there is an appalling aspect it's that the Bushies, who are mass murders of foreign nationals and Americans, would think this ever so touching and bitter-sweet.

  26. Anonymous5:19 AM


  27. Anonymous6:31 AM

    "There's a cell phone in my underwear, and it wants to make a call."

    There should be a prize for coming up with a line like that. If I could get translated into Latin, I'd add it to my family crest.

  28. i like the line "we'll be getting freaky like at abu ghairb"!!

    what a turn on baby

    the lyrics are hysterical.

  29. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Funny stuff. Why was I looking at her neck for a hickey?

  30. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Anntichrist s. coulter said: "She's JOKING. Duh."

    Well I knew to almost a certainty that she WAS joking...but I've found it prudent to NEVER underestimate how stupid some people can be when patriotism is involved...unfortunatly I've seen it first hand down south.


  31. If you can't tell instantly that it's a joke, there's something wrong with you....

  32. Anonymous9:14 AM

    I know where I'D attach the electrodes!

  33. Absolutely hilarious and genius; so good on so many levels! I can only hope that, somehow, it gets used as a clip on the Colbert Report!

  34. Anonymous11:36 AM

    I'm going down to the free clinic and get a shot, just in case I got something from listening to it.

    And I am concerned that there are people who see it as amusing. It is not. Not remotely. It's another instance of someone trying to cash in on other people's misfortune, in this case the soldiers whose lives are on the line every day. Do not encourage this type of behavior. Let it die the quick death it deserves.

  35. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Have sex not illegal wars

  36. Anonymous3:03 PM

    relax everyone, it's satire for crying out loud.

    sandy belle

  37. Anonymous11:16 PM

    sandy belle - i'm not worthy! pure beauty

  38. Anonymous6:00 PM

    Done in a different way (take out the French and Abu Ghraib references,tone down the sex a bit, put in a little antiwar refrain to go with her longing) and she might have something that could really strike a cord with the Heartland of America today.

  39. Anonymous3:37 PM

    I wonder if this song is coming out in Karaoke. I can't think of a way to make it appropriate to my gender but I'd love to hear the gals have a go at it.

  40. " If you can't tell instantly that it's a joke, there's something wrong with you...." --- posted by wtlloyd : 8:55 AM

    That's how I feel about your "down south" line, BOBO.

    Hate to break it to you, pumpkin, but there's way the fuck more chest-thumping, flag-waving, klan-bonfires-on-the-weekends rednecked mouth-breathing fucking MORONS in Indiana, Ohion and Iowa than there are in the ENTIRE South.

    And yet those same morons, who have no concept of the context or meaning of waving a "rebel" flag, slap 'em on every fucking thing that they own, even though they've never even read a BOOK about the South or about the Civil War, like the part where the Confederacy LOST.


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