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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The man who will defeat the "communist Hon. Dennis J. Kucinich"

Longtime readers know that I take my responsibilities as an influential conservative stürmblogger very seriously. I don't endorse candidates without giving it a lot of consideration. Heck, I think Jean Schmidt was the first and only congressional candidate I've endorsed. I'm proud that I supported her. Now that she's safely ensconced in a bunker somewhere in Northern Virgina, the children of her district are free to eat large chucks of her gingerbread house without the fear that they, in turn, will be eaten.

Today, I'm going to make my second Congressional endorsement by announcing my support for Jason Werner, who is a republican candidate for the "communist Hon. Dennis J. Kucinich['s]" seat.

There's a lot to like about this guy. He's a modern day Republican Horatio Alger who, according to this press release, was able to over come a serious collision in a pick-up basketball game to become a candidate for the US House of Representatives:

I'm also very impressed by the endorsements he's garnered:

I voted in my first Republican primary for Jason. Support him.
Charles Werner
Jason’s Grandpa, served in the Navy
North Olmsted, OH

My grandson is very honest and ambitious. He wouldn’t lie to the people or cheat anyone. He wants to help the people. That’s what I tell my friends and people I meet in the lines at grocery stores.
Judy Werner
Jason’s Grandma
North Olmsted, OH

My son Jason Werner has always been very motivated and would put his all into everything he did. I feel that Jason would do the same for his community when elected.
Tammie Werner-Meyer
Jason’s Mom
Newark, OH

I'm Jason Werner's Great Uncle so I've seen him grow up to be a responsible young man. We have had many talks over the years about life, public issues, history, religion, money you name it and most likely we've talked about it. Jason has always looked at the right and wrong in our talks and sides with what's right. He has set high standards in life for himself, sometimes I think too high, and always does his best to live up to those standards.
Keith Prior
Great Uncle
Albany, NY

But I think the best thing about him is that he's not afraid to "tell it like it is." Ask yourself, how many candidates would be brave enough to risk the terrible wrath of the International Communist Conspiracy® and quote something like this in a press release:

I recently heard yet another person mention "political correctness" off-handedly as if it were of no matter. "Political Correctness" is in its very essence Stalin's "Orthodox Ideology". "Orthodox Ideology" in turn is Stalin's interpretation of Marx's contrived philosophy that he referred to as "Dialectical Materialism". Stalin shortened it to "Diamat".


Today the United States stands on the brink of electing communists to power in the State and Federal governments. Many of us have been deceived by their false promises and many have turned their back on God at the communists' behest.

But most of all, how can you not support a guy whose MySpace campaign site features an MP3 of people asking Father God to raise up an army of young warriors to march on Washington in an "Elijah Revolution" and destroy abortionists and homosexuals.

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