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Friday, October 31, 2008

Doc going down

Remember Doc Hastings, Tom Delay's hand-picked Ethics Committee Chair; the guy who submitted his own quotes to; they guy who was given the nickname, "Doc," because he looked like one of the dwarfs in Snow White? He's in trouble, and TV is cheap--$25 a spot. Give now.

WA State Democrats:

New polling shows George Fearing (D) is within 5% of unseating incumbent conservative Doc Hastings! The poll by Bainbridge Media Group reads:

On the question of whom to support, 52.5% would vote for Doc Hastings; 47.5% would chose George Fearing... The data demonstrate that there is little question Democratic Congressional Candidate George Fearing may defeat 14-year incumbent Republican Congressman Doc Hastings.

We anticipated that George was close and we are now making a final push to remove Doc Hastings from office.

Please go online right now and give a donation to help George win. The Fearing Campaign is buying their weekend media blitz tomorrow and needs your help.

The State Republican Party is terrified of losing this seat and is using every trick in the book to keep George's message from the airwaves. They are violating our first amendment rights and demanding that the local cable company pull George's ads. The Republicans know how close the race is!

Every $1000 will buy 100 radio ads. You need to know that you can really make this race happen, so please go online right now to help!

When radio ads cost $10 and TV ads cost $25, your money will make a huge difference. Please donate just $10 or $25 today.

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