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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Special Note Re: Thee Way

This is Jennifer Pomolive, acting CEO of the Glorious Conservative Christian Cultural Revolution (GC3R).

Most readers know that the views expressed on the General's blog are his own and don't always reflect the views of the GC3R. Such is the case with regard to the General's cartoon about Republican Jesus putting aside partisanship to reach out to Barack Obama so that they might "fuck the gays" together.

The cartoon offended our good friends at Three Way, who believed that the General was advocating that Rick Warren, Obama, and "the gay" engage in some kind of non-heterosexual sandwiching activity. After hours and hours of listening to their crying and wining and the three CD's of songs about livestock they sent to me, I decided it would be best if the GC3R used this blog to officially denounce the cartoon, the General, and non-heterosexual sandwiching activity.

The GC3R has partnered with Three Way on a number of hyper-timid incrementalist bullshit projects - including a community-building effort encouraging men to embrace the cherished Heartland tradition of sharing a communal donkey-wife. We were hoping to enlist Rev. Warren in this effort, but the cartoon may have soured our relationship with him to the point that he will no longer share his donkey, Brittney. We hope that is not the case.

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