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Friday, January 02, 2009

Petition Wal-Mart to Hire Alberto Gonzales

It's a terrible shame that no one is willing to hire a former Attorney General of the United States. That's especially true for Alberto Gonzales, a man who's proven that he'd do absolutely anything (lie, violate the constitution, break US law, excuse torture. etc.) for his employer.

Wal-Mart's benefited greatly from the anti-labor policies of the Bush Administration. I think it's time they stepped up and returned the favor by hiring Alberto Gonzales to greet their customers.

He has a lot to offer a company like Wal-Mart. If someone asks him where to return merchandise, he could tell them he doesn't recall, or better yet, say something like, "You did not buy that here; you built it in your garage," or "Uh, you're at the wrong place. This isn't Wal-Mart. Nancy Pelosi switched our signs during the night."

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