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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Moroni's Trumpet: We Shall Overcome


LDS leader claims after Prop 8 the church was as oppressed as blacks in the civil rights era.

Oaks Speaks Out (This guy is headed to spirit prison).

Elder Reid Goes to Hell

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  1. Elder Reid may have a good point. Think of all the fruit punch and green jello that the Prop 8 money would have purchased.

    For the church, of course.

  2. Well the Moormoons oughta know the topic -- they did some oppressin' of blacks up to the 1970s, eh?

    (Sorry about all the "ehs" in my comments from here on. The Canadian work visa arrived today, so I haveta practise the lingo, eh?)

  3. General, Sir:

    It looks like Senator Reid has decided to commit political hara kiri by dissing both the morons and th muriKKKans in his Nevada constitunency. He'll still have the lawyers and the hookers, of course, they can't desert one of their own.

    Note to the Moron hierarchy: A good way to make people like your "oppressed minority religion" is to target another minority group. That works great, at least until you've exterminated that threat. Guess who's next?

    Bukko from Upside Down:

    Not only are you going to have to work on the "eh", eh? It's gettin' pretty durned cold and you better get an appropriate 'took' and some back bacon. I would study the excecellent self-help videos put out bu that wonderful duo, Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis back in the 80's.

  4. (Sorry about all the "ehs" in my comments from here on. The Canadian work visa arrived today, so I haveta practise the lingo, eh?)

    While you're more than welcome in our land of snow, you should brace yourself for some serious butt-freezing. We had a lame summer, and already we're 'below seasonal' in temps.

    Sure you don't want to hold off til the spring?

    You may want to consider the Stereotypical differences between Aussies, Brits, Americans and Canadians

    Canadians: Endure bitterly cold winters and are proud of it.
    Brits: Endure oppressively wet and dreary winters and are proud of it.
    Americans: Don't have to do either, and couldn't care less.
    Aussies: Don't understand what inclement weather means.

  5. I think Brother Oaks has been smoking too much Mormon tea.

  6. God sent two she bears to eat 42 children simply because they mocked a bald guy. You're letting Weinstein and Lynn off pretty easy if you ask me. Heck, you're not even going after their teeth.

    I don't understand why Miss Poppy has a problem with the LA Archdiocesan Youth Commission's logo.

    p.s. pee-ons
    i would never call anyone with african ancestry 'black'.. why would you?

    welcome to my world.
    Terence McManus ( please donate )

  7. oh..

    did chris ever pay back andy's dad the 15 grand he 'borrowed'?

  8. did i say something wrong?'s like i never posted anything!!!..poppy z brite had her 'church' save her cats instead of people while people were drowning.. are these words too poisonous! :D... my compare and contrast was remarkable check out reuters front page story ( oh, you did...thats why you took my posts down!! )

    Happy Investing,
    Terence McMauns

  9. you, botched homeopathic twits, may find this hard to believe.. but it is worth TRILLIONS to fuk with you blind idiots every thursday ( dramatic pause ) JUST to see what mjs will come up with on friday.. i call it 'Fun-Raisin'

    Call Me Crazy,
    Terence Paul Joseph McManus

  10. Thank you for the tip, JoeVis. Everything I know about Canada, I learned from Bob and Doug, you betcha. I still have the album on vinyl, and break it out every Christmas, when it makes no sense, because it's bloody hot down here then, eh? Fortunately, my new job will be in Vancouver, and the hospital recruiter tells me it never gets cold there, just rains occasionally, yah sure.

    Convict Creations is a wonderful educational website to which I refer often. It has taught me that Canadians are much like Australians, only less drunk and more boring, eh?

  11. Bukko...the recruiter told you???

    Dude, I'm from down the street in Seattle and I think Vancouver is cold. Trading Australia for Vancouver is going to be a wake-up call...

    But all the same, welcome to the Pacific Northwest!

  12. Oh great Bukko. We should try to get together for a beer, sometime.

  13. Ummm, JCrick, nothing I say here is serious. I've been to Van. three times, and I don't just leap between countries without doing my due diligence. I know what I'm in for.

    I'm not exactly chuffed about it, but Mrs. Bukko never did cotton to Oz, and she wants to get as close as she can to San Francisco without actually being within the borders of the United States. (That possibility of anarchic collapse thing scares us.) Damn it's good to be a professional butt-wiper! I can move around like a Mexican...

    I'll stay in touch, General. We'll venture south of the border on wheels from time to time. Gotta smuggle the gold dubloons we've got buried at an undisclosed location, stuff like that.

  14. We're not that far away, either, Bukko. The General is good for our drinks, I'm sure!

  15. Vancouver = Canadian Lotus Land. Not quite the seminal Canadian experience. Try Edmonton or Saskatoon, or even the British Columbia interior (like Kamloops).

    I'm already a pansy-ass in Toronto.

  16. Bukko, my thoughts go with you as you return to my homeland. You might wanna check out some of the lotus land bloggers I run with at The Galloping Beaver or the wonderful ukelele-plagued RossK at the Gazetteer

    When does the big move occur? Any chance of a Tokyo stopover enroute?

  17. Jeebuz rev.!

    What with the Loonie soaring, I've got me a whole passel of cross-border shopping to do.


    Now that you've put me on the Generals' known friends and not-so known associate's list, I'll never have enough back-bacon (pre-cooked from Freddie Myer's in Blaine of course) in the VW (not-so)Microbus to deal with the inevitable delays at the Peace Arch.


    The Gazetteer


  18. Bukko, et. al.-
    And I thought I had it good in Utah. One of my faves up Narth is Pentiction (great wineries).

  19. Thank you for the good wishes, Rev. Paperboy et. al. No trips to the Land of the Bastards who Bombed Darwin, I'm afraid. We have to get across the drink in time to offload the kitties, who by the end of this jaunt will have lived in more countries than most Americans not engaged in bringing freedom to swarthy people at the point of a Tomahawk missile.

    My new job starts Nov. 16, but the ship with our worldly possessions is not arriving until Dec. 26. And that's assuming there are no pirate attacks as it transits through Singapore. Then there will be two weeks in Customs, as the Mounties paw through our things looking for items to steal. (I could tell you about a certain incriminating device that Aussie Customs obviously looked over and attached a bright yellow sticker saying "Passed by Quarantine." We had cleaned it up well enough that they could not deny it entry. I will leave the identity of the device to your imagination...)

    It's SUCH a bother, uprooting my life again. I'm too old for this stuff -- CHOOSING to be a refugee, only without the blowflies and dysentery and people chasing us with deadly weapons.

    I wish I could be as carefree as a Mexican, just traipsing across an imaginary line in the sand, sipping from chilled water bottles left in the desert by do-gooder American liberals, until I got to the Land of Freedom to take those high-paying jobs that Americans refuse to do, and collect the free health care, Social Security and college education that all illegal aliens are given by a clueless left-wing government. But the cruel Canadians will expect me to WORK for my $38.10 an hour.

    I just have to remind myself that no matter where I live, I'm an American, dammitall! We are the people who crossed the prairies and slaughtered the ravenous beasts in the mountains. But I shall never forget where I come from as I show those socialist Canuckistanis the way that REAL men get things done.

  20. The Vietnam veteran working with me in the shop is remarkably docile...


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