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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Oscar the Grouch Sings The Internationale

How did we lose PBS? The network that once exiled gay-friendly bunnies, fired politically-suspect children's show hosts, and provided endless hours of aircraft carrier war porn on it's science show, Nova, is now allowing muppets to deride the most ideologically correct news network in the world.

Yes, it's come to that. Oscar the Grouch now dates a puppet who openly mocks Fox News. No wonder some of America's finest patriots are soiling their cod pieces. It's treason. Worse yet, it's treason committed by a ball of yarn who cavorts with someone who belongs to Fox's prime demographic: an angry old man who treasures garbage and can't make a move until someone shoves a hand up his ass. If we lose Oscar the Grouch, we lose America. It'll be NY-23 all over again.

A helmet tip to IanDavidB.

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  1. General, Sir:

    It was sort of soothing, in a creepy way, to read about the teapot dome scandal and the commielesbopederast getting canned (ha, ha!!) from PBS for thretnin' merKKKin KKKIds values.

    But the story about Nova...5,000 men, tight confines, danger, trust, comraderie...made me, well, it made me "fire off the catapult" and launch a mission, so to speak. Sorry, Sir.

  2. My son informed me that the Cookie Monster ( an important mentor of long standing) has become the Veggie Monster (no mentor of mine).

    Is nothing sacred? How UnAmerikan can one Be?

  3. General, SIr:
    I dunno. It's kinda how I pictured the typical Faux viewer to begin with. Where's the news here?

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