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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pat's Political Cesspool

Although relatively small in terms of listeners, James Edwards' internet radio show, The Political Cesspool, has become an important stop for right-leaning pundits on the idea-promotion trail. Such important conservative figures as Bay and Pat Buchanan, the National Review's John Derbyshire, and birther-American Jerome Corsi of swiftboat fame have all appeared as Edwards' guest.

It may seem strange that they'd seek out such a small pulpit to preach their fire and brimstone conservatism, but if you listen to The Political Cesspool for a moment, it becomes immediately apparent that it is quality not quantity that appeals to them, and by quality, I mean a quality the listenership possesses in abundance: a fierce hatred of hued-Americans. Pat, Bay, John, and Jerome understand that The Political Cesspool's audience is representative of conservatism's new, more outspokenly anti-brown, mainstream and they want a piece of that.

To get a flavor of the show's politics, one needs only read Edwards' reaction to the House's passage of the healthcare bill:

The majority of bBlack and brown people are always going to vote for bigger government. That’s one of the main reasons that they didn’t used to be allowed to vote in many states. It wasn’t “hate”, it was because our forefathers knew they would vote for big government and socialism. The “crisis” in health care that everyone’s so worried about is the the tens of millions of people in America with no health insurance...

Obamacare is simply a massive transfer of wealth from whites to non-whites. That’s not only what black and brown people want; it’s what they think the government is for.

Bold, unapoligetic racist statements like that are the secret of The Political Cesspool's success. Unlike Rush or Beck, Edwards doesn't attempt to phrase his rhetoric in a way that would offer him a thin veneer of deniability. He says what he thinks without filters, knowing that's what his audience--or a Palin rally audience for that matter--craves to hear.

I'm sure that's what appeals to Pat Buchanan. There's none of the stress he gets from other appearances. He receives cheers rather than taunts when he praises Hitler. No doubt he sleeps better because of it.

*Photo courtesy of the Anti-Defamation League.

Elsewhere: Very white people use "hateful whistles" and dangerous balloons to punish the pink-skinned usurpers of our racial birthright.

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  1. Mimes! Rogue mimes! Patriotic haters are being attacked by rogue, balloon-wielding mimes! Surely the jugglers cannot be far behind! We're doomed! Doomed, I say!


  2. Pssst, General-- Your Inner Frenchman is showing.

  3. With a name like "Cesspool," it's GOT to be good!

    (Apologies to the old Smucker's ad)

  4. This is really fantastic. Understand that a plurality of the voting conservatives in the U.S. don't perceive themselves as racist. For that matter, Edwards probably doesn't believe himself thus, but his statements say otherwise. The disconnect is that most Americans, even the ones that tend to vote Republican, will be turned off by such unabashedly hateful rhetoric.

    The problem, though, is how the Republican machine and it's sibling, the Legion of Mega-Church Preachers [TM], spin this. I see a lot of statements about how 'it's not really racism' and later, 'so what if it's racist, it's still true' in the next few months.

  5. Silly liberals! They think all they have to do to intimidate us is to bring mimes and balloons! Only a wuss would be intimidated by a balloon!

    Clearly, they are amateurs at intimidation. Come to one of our events; spitting, epithet throwing, loaded sidearms, semi-automatic weapons...and after our event, we'll even hurl some bricks through windows just for a little more intimidation!

    As a matter of fact, why don't we just have a little fun and pretend we're at a rally and do some intimidatin' anyway? Is there something in the news today we can use as an excuse?


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