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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


The elitunists at Counterpunch did not like my review of "American Taliban" (Apparently, Amazon didn't like it either--they removed it):

Here’s the opening of a negative review, posted by a reviewer who identifies himself as “Gen. JC Christian, patriot”: “I don't read books written by demonic pipe-smoking communists with well-trimmed beards. I don't read books by homosexualist [sic] intellectuals with button-down collars who fill my head with vile carnality every second of the day. And, I don't read books written by subversive eyeglass-chain-wearing foreigner-praising English teachers--why don't they dump Shakespeare; he never wrote a play about the real Americans of the Heartland. Indeed, I take pride in the fact that I never read anything written by libislamunistofascists [sick]. The problem is syllables. There are too many syllables in their books. It all seems a little too Muslimy to me. It also gives me headaches.” Incredible as it may seem, that’s a direct quotation. I did not make it up.


  1. Praise the anger of the old Jew God in Jesus' name! They are sofa king we todd did.


  2. They can't handle the truthiness!!!

  3. "Gen. JC Christian is the perfect example of what Moulitsas demonstrates on every page of his hard-hitting analysis: American ignorance..."

    Who the hell is this Larson character who dareth claim the General is ignorant?! Where is my God-damned pitchfork?

    .. In orther articles, Larson's sanity and wise thinking is restored: Impeaching Obama for wanting a first puppy:

  4. Good thing Mr. Larson isn’t into Spartan-style wrestling.

  5. Probably never heard of Ron Dubach either:

  6. Hasn't Amazon been very good about printing your reviews in the past? They must have hired someone with a brain that no longer allows your humor to go on record. If they can't take a joke... fuck 'em.

  7. Anonymous1:05 PM

    The truly gifted satirist is rarely appreciated by the masses he skewers. Congratulations on having your point completely missed.

    Super Jesus

  8. General Sir: Your mistake was using the word libislamunistofacists in the same paragraph as "too many syllables". Language of that nature would cause someone to think you may be serious in your assertions.

  9. Now you know how Jon Swift felt.

  10. Ignorant beast to eat Irish babies!

  11. @Daryl: That was really good.

  12. General, Sir:
    This is, without doubt, the greatest moment in the history of the CCC(Cubed) and/or The Tube Sock Holocaust and/or (again) the 101st Chairborne. They didn't see the sarcasim? As the kids today say, "srsly"?


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