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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

My second call to the Prince

Here are the videos of my second call to Prince Shannon (I had to split it up to meet length requirements). I also transcribed a few excerpts from the call. They appear below the videos.

Prince Shannon is angry about my request for photos of his men wearing the invisible Ephesians 6 armor of God. He also refuses to salute me and denigrates Spartan-style wrestling by making it sound tawdry, cheap, and dirty.

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I'm including a partial transcript for those who can't watch videos at work.

Prince Shannon: You asked for naked pictures of men? What are you, insane? Why would you want naked pictures of men?

Gen. JC Christian, patriot: That's how I gauge the fit of the Armor of God.

Prince Shannon: No, no, no, no, no. That's not what He [Jesus] means by the armor of God--to send a bunch of naked pictures of men.

Gen. JC Christian, patriot: Uh, well, the Armor of God is invisible. You...

Prince Shannon: We're just going to argue.

Gen. JC Christian, patriot: You can't see it. You just gotta look at the impressions.

Prince Shannon: You're saying a bunch of men and to take their staff and put it in your glory hole and then to put lipstick on...

Gen. JC Christian, patriot: Cave of Shame. Don't you, don't you make that sound dirty. Don't you dare make Spartan wrestling into a dirty thing.

Prince Shannon: Well, it is dirty.

Gen. JC Christian, patriot: Noooo! It's an ancient form of warriorly combat between culture warriors. It's an honor. It's an honor, sir.

Prince Shannon: It's and honor to wrestle with a bunch of naked men? Do you actually do this?

Gen. JC Christian, patriot: Of course I do. Do you think I'd make something like that up?

Prince Shannon: I would surely hope you wouldn't But I'd hope you wouldn't be serious at the same time.


Gen. JC Christian, patriot: Don't you dare say that I asked you to send naked pictures to me, That's not the purpose. Sure, sure, you might appear naked in the photos, but what the purpose is, is to see how the Armor of God fits you. The Armor of God is invisible...

Prince Shannon: It is pornography... It is disgusting pornography, and I don't care how you view it...


Gen. JC Christian, patriot: Why else would you be attacking me, the leader of one of the biggest militia groups for over a decade now.

Prince Shannon: I give you full respect for that. I give you full respect for that...


Gen. JC Christian, patriot: I just asked you to send me photos. It's not like I touch myself, much, when I look at them.

Prince Shannon: You can't understand that would be weird, at best, and not follow up on that, and not explain that before you put a call up like that?


Prince Shannon: I'm not going to wrestle naked with a bunch of guys. That's a party I won't come too.

Gen. JC Christian, patriot: That's the greatest honor one warrior can give to another. I'm not going to give you that, now.

Prince Shannon: It may have been for that time, General, but the way it works today. You don't think I'm a warrior.

Gen. JC Christian, patriot: I don't think you deserve the honor of having my rigid shaft driven deep into your cave of shame.

Prince Shannon: No, I don't think so. I don't think that is an honorable thing, you know, to have some man's penis...

Gen. JC Christian, patriot: Don't you, don't you make it sound dirty, now.

Prince Shannon: That is dirty general. you've got to be kidding me.

Gen. JC Christian, patriot: No, it's a warriorly thing. If you understood the ways of our Spartan warrior forefathers, you'd understand this.

Prince Shannon: I don't care what the ancient Spartan forefathers did if there are a bunch of naked men wrestling around. And I know they were tough. I know that they were, you know, a real force to be reckoned with, the Spartans were. I understand that. OK, but this isn't Sparta. This is America, here. And we're going down the tubes.

And our groups need each other. We don't need to be talking about things like this. If we have disagreements that's one thing, General. I can overlook that. You believe this way. I believe that way. So what. It has nothing to do with our Constitution....General, we're losing our nation right now. We don't need to be arguing and fighting and doing things like this. We're supposed to bring our groups together...


Gen. JC Christian, patriot: You can either send me the photos or not, whatever.

Prince Shannon: Absolutely not. That will not happen, General.

Gen. JC Christian, patriot: Well...

Prince Shannon: No. That will not happen.

Gen. JC Christian, patriot: Well, OK. I offered to help. I really believe that you're probably some kind of libislamunistofascist.


  1. General Sir, That Prince Shannon really had me fooled! How dare he question the teachings of our most sacred book, the bible(you should read it Shannon!) and our most sacred tradition of Spartan-style wrestling. How can he call himself a Christian warrior?!?

    Its clear that he's fake and his Right Wing Extreme(Pfft!) are in fact a Left Wing Wussy outfit meant to try and tarnish our righteous actions. These liberals make me SICK!! They'll stop at nothing to push their agenda. And then to keep calling himself a words.

    Prince Shannon, you are dismissed, you liberal turd.

  2. Sometimes I feel sorry for him and the verbal beating he took from you, General. But mostly I laughed at the weanie.

  3. Can't he just have one of his men send you the photos? He's a busy guy, doing the Lord's work and all. Please tell me he has the money for the stamps--too sad otherwise. Too sad.


  4. This wicked blows. Busy busy little bee that she is, Pneumatic Pamela was gonna join the ladie's pom pom squad for this holy grease off. Now she thinks we're lame. Nice going Prince.

  5. I have not yet listened to this recording, because when I played the previous one, I snorted too much stuff out of my nose. If you've never blown a masticated mixture of Cheetos and Mountain Dew through your nasopharynx, lemme tell you, don't try this at home, because it BURNS! And you'll be dabbing yellow-green snot off your upper lip for the next three days.

    I wonder if Teh Gen'l inquired as to whether Prance Simon actually HAS any men? I've checked out his Right Wank Extremist blog, and there are hardly any commenters in its short, spotty history. I say he pulled out of his pledge to protect the KKKoran-burners because he doesn't have the manlypower. That's in contrast to Teh Gen's years of patriottoblogging and righteous huzzahs from his little soldiers (and soldierettes) living literally all over the face of this flat Earth. I think the "Prince" is a poseur who can't send pictures because his "militia" is as invisible as God's amour.

    I also suspect that this kitty Carson has homosexualist tendencies. He thinks Spartan wrestling is dirty? A person whose mind is pre-infected with teh ghey might see something perverted about naked, oily men grappling with each other until Shaft meets Cave. He's no warrior, though, if he doesn't understand a tradition that predates Alexander the Great.

    Spartan wrestling is no gay-er than prison sex! If Princeling Shine-on was in the pokey and suggested to Big John that John was gay, the Fresh Prince would be picking his teeth out of his Cavern of Shame, because John would give him SUCH an oral rogering that his dental work would end up in his digestive tract. Manly domination is not ghey!

    Teh Gen'l is probably done with this "militia of one," but if he's not, I suggest he hold out the possibility that he'd have a rasslin' match and let Queen Sheena win the first round. That would entice the closeted side of this maybe-militiateer. I'm not saying Teh Gen would actually throw the match -- it would be a deception, which is an honourable military tactic. And won't Shameon be surprised when he's whipped and undergoing the Thrusts of Submission and he discovers HE LIKES IT!

  6. Bukko, every man who is a real men naturally fears enjoying his first rogering. That's why we hate the gay so much - there but for the Will and Grace of God go I.

    When, on those rare occassions that I find myself on the receiving end of a wrestling match, I just repeat to myself, "It's for the unit. I love the unit." That usually gets me to the second round, and by that time I'm rock hard and stoked for battle.

  7. Prince is really nervous about who is supposed to be subordinate to whom. Maybe he needs a safe word.

  8. What's the current ranking for Shannon on the "Manly Scale of Gender", I'm wondering?

    The fear in his voice has me thinking its somewheres around 1.2 or less. Combine that with the shame he's feeling over not knowing how to wear his Armor of God --which is clear by his reluctance to submit photos-- and, well, it's pretty low.

    ->Side note: Anybody see these Patriopublican Teabaggers and their ingenious reinventions of the liberal English language. Man, they are really showing those limp-wristed sissy scumdogs how its done.

  9. General, Sir, I'm getting suspicious of the so-called 'Prince Shannon'. He seems to know all the key words. He seems to understand the mentality of us right wing patriots, but i think he is one of those smart-arse leftie satirists. I dont' think he believes in the perfect conservative christian revolution we're trying to bring in. Don't trust him!

    PS. Bukko, it doesn't MATTER that Spartan wrestling predates Alexander the Great. Alexander's Phalanxes were the toughest. The developed butt-spikes. They will save America.

  10. OK, I listened. After fasting, especially in regard to Cheetos and Mountain Dew. I was impressed by how Private Shinola continues to acknowledge teh Gen'l as a right-wing militia leader, even if he did refuse to salute. Sounds like Shunnin' is a limp little soldier who can't stand straight up at attention.

    Along that line, I noted his use of the phrase about not keeping a man's "shame" covered. Is he ASHAMED of his soldier? It must be little indeed! I try to show mine as often as I can, even if I sometimes have to run away through the park bushes afterward. God made it, and I'm proud of it!

    Maybe to break the logcabin jam about the pictures, patriots should send Prude Shamin' pictures of themselves in God's armour, or just some moneyshots of their soldiery. I wonder whether he has a photo-capable cellphone? But if anyone does send pixxx of their undercover militia to the Right Wing Excrementist, don't do like this bloke in Australia did!

  11. General, Sir:

    I Think nurse Bukko has it about right. Prissy Handjob is, truly, an "Army of One"! The liebrals shit will be in the street the day his mom forgets to hide the keys to the minivan.


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