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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kaye's still living the wild life

I's been awhile since I've shared stories from my hometown paper. I let my subscription lapse after they threatened to sue me. But yesterday, I found our favorite column, Promontory Promptings, on the free site. So let's catch up with latest about Kaye, Orson, Winnie, and the rest.

There's big plumbing news at the Double Bar S Ranch:
Randy came again to the ranch with a beautiful, new, water-saving, quiet toilet on Wednesday. He put it in and then stayed for a bite to eat.
Winnie's still practicing the arts:
The Thatcher-Penrose Second Ward choir is practicing for their presentation at Saturday night Tremonton West Stake Conference. Winnie is really enjoying singing alto with the other choir members.
A little respiratory infection can't keep Kaye's wild social life down:
Kaye Draper’s flu is back again, but it hasn’t kept her down. On Wednesday nine friends sent to The Bakery for supper. They were treating their assistant manager before she moved away. On Thursday the Lowell Apartment Building residents gave a cake and ice cream party for her. It was well attended. On Friday – Sunday, Kaye played bingo and cards at several different places.
But kaye's social life has nothing on Winnie's:
On Tuesday afternoon Winnie ran into Annette Olson, Betty McMurtrey and Charly Young’s daughter in Brigham. Her name is Charlie, too.
And Orson's enjoying the bounty of his harvest:
Orson reports the final tally from his garden is: corn, three ears; no beans due to too late a spring; quite a few zucchinis and a good amount of tomatoes with more to come until fall freezing. “I am not disappointed considering the lateness of the planting,” he says. He also reports nearly 60 pounds of squash.

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