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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Department of Book Reports: Everybody Loves Our Towns

I thought I'd talk about a couple books set in towns I love, but you don't need to be a fan to fall in love with these volumes. First up, Everybody Loves Our Town: An Oral History of Grunge by Mark Yarm (Crown, $25)  Mark Yarm is a former editor at Blender and spent 2 years researching and conducting 250 interviews to give a remarkable history of a pre-Starbucks, pre-Microsoft Seattle, a time and music that ended too soon. Chuck Palahniuk's Cult blog has an interview with Yarm about the bands and of course, Courtney Love.  

This book has some great never-before published photos, like Soundgarden in 1994 and Candlebox impersonating you know who in 1995.

Wildwood by Colin Meloy and illustrated by Carson Ellis (HarperCollins, $17.99) Wildwood is a real place, an Impassable Wilderness in Portland, OR. Colin Meloy, the lead singer for the Decemberists and his wife Carson Ellis have crafted a modern fairytale in a city wilderness. A wilderness no one has ever returned from. But when Prue McKeel's little brother is kidnapped by crows she and her friend Curtis must journey into this land of magic and danger to rescue him.    

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