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Tuesday, March 25, 2003

The liberal media is making people look caucasian

Charles at Little Green Footballs has finally found the proof that the press is liberal. Writing about Rachel Corrie, the young woman who was killed by the IDF when she tried to destroy Israel by standing between a bulldozer and an empty house, Charles notes how the media tried to turn her into a martyr by publishing a "barrage of images of Corrie looking Caucasian*."

You really have to give it to old Chuck. As far as I know, he's the first person to notice how the media creates saints by making them appear whiter. I'm surprised I didn't notice it before. It's what Michael Jackson is all about.

Of course, there will be some politically correct liberals who will claim that such a statement sounds racist, but they're just pandering to the swarthy people.

*I get the feeling that Charles is a humble guy who is somewhat uncomfortable with the attention some of his posts get. I suspect that must be the reason why he redirects the Generals links to the Israeli Army's web site. If that happens to this link, you can access Johnson's post by copying and pasting the following url into your browser's address window: