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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Don Wildmon ain't no liar

A lot of people wondered if the American Family Association went too far recently when they accused Procter and Gamble of "tacitly supporting gay marriage and the homosexual political agenda." P&G's immediate denial and AFA's subsequent failure to back up the claim fed into people's doubts about the accuracy of the charge.

Today, in an email sent to the chosen, AFA supplied the proof, a picture (right) in a 1995 P&G ad clearly showing two men engaged in either what the Book of Revelations called "the beast with two backs" or the act referred to in Songs of Solomon by the phrase "his fruit was sweet to my taste." It's hard to tell from the picture which act it is, but my little soldier is engorged with the angry blood of the offended--they must be doing something very, very dirty. In any event, It's something that makes God so angry that he sometimes destroys cities because the inhabitants do it.

From the letter (emphasis is AFA's):

Suppose I told you Procter & Gamble created and ran an ad that showed two men (in fuzzy focus at top center of the ad) in bed after an apparent sexual encounter.

Suppose I told you the ad showed clothing scattered across the floor like the two men were in a hurry to get undressed and get into the bed.

Suppose I told you the P&G ad was captioned with these words: "You were more concerned with taking them off than folding them up." (In other words, the two men just could not wait to get into bed to have homosexual sex.)

Suppose the ad goes on to say that you can use Downy Wrinkle Release, a P&G product, to unwrinkle your clothes left on the floor in your haste to get into bed.

Suppose I told you this ad, which leaves the impression that homosexual sex is normal, thrilling and exciting, was created by P&G and run in a homosexual publication called Xtra.

I know you would have a hard time believing me. So see it for yourself. Click here to see the ad. If that link is no longer active, Click here.

There should be no doubt P&G is aggressively promoting the homosexual agenda. A company doesn't create and run an ad that leaves the impression that homosexual sex is thrilling and exciting unless they support the homosexual agenda.

It should come as no surprise when P&G supports homosexual marriage. This is the company that has aggressively come out in favor of repealing the law in Cincinnati which forbids giving homosexuals special rights, but at the same time has refused to support the Ohio Marriage Protection Amendment which defines marriage as being only between one man and one woman.

Remember, this is the company that said they "will not tolerate discrimination [against homosexuals] in any form, against anyone, for any reason." To keep homosexuals from being legally married is discrimination [for good reason] that P&G says they will not tolerate.

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