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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Fantasy-based community

The General is getting a bit worried that people might not understand this whole "reality-based community" thing. I mean if the French are reality based, does that mean we're fantasy based? Not that there's anything wrong with that--I prefer fantasy to reality as much as the next Christian conservative--but some people might not understand it. When most people hear fantasy, they probably think about Disney or something.

We just haven't done a good job of explaining it. Hopefully, that'll change soon so that when people think about "fantasy-based communities," they'll picture Our Furious Leader waving his fairy godleader wand and creating a democracy by blowing up a bunch of Iraqi children.

We have to do better because the French are all over this. Looking at my ads, I see that they're even marketing it. Surely, we can respond with our own line of tutus, wands, and wizard hats.

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