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Sunday, January 22, 2006

My ideological soulmate

Kathryn Jean Lopez
Editor, National Review Online

Dear Miss Lopez,

Your January 20 column, The Sacking" of O'Beirne inaccurately labeled me as a Frenchman. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am an American patriot. Indeed, I suspect that we are ideological soulmates.

I'm an ardent supporter of the forced childbirth lobby and the right of fetus-Americans to bear arms--an armed fetus-American is a safe fetus-American. I also believe that Our Leader has a divine right to torture suspects, deny due process, spy on dissenters, and betray CIA agents who endanger our nation by marrying those who would embarrass our President.

Most importantly, I firmly believe that the greatest threat this country faces is the society's abandonment of traditional gender roles. That's why I'm so disturbed by your assertion that I am part of a feminist conspiracy to trash Mrs. O'Beirne's book.

I understand how you could make such a mistake. After all, I did give the book a one-star rating, but, as I thought I had made clear in my review, I only did so because I felt she could have done more to dispel the lesbian myth. The rest of my review was very positive.

Could I have praised the book a little more. Certainly. One thing I didn't mention was the cover. It was fantastic. I particularly liked the allusion to charges of Hillary's lesbianism that the artist made by putting her in a man's suit (although I think lesbianism is a myth, I understand that accusations of lesbianism can be a powerful political tool). I also appreciated the clever way the cover paid homage to the cartoons of Der Stürmer (circa 1937) and Cox and Forkum.

I'll admit that I have a problem remembering the proper hierarchy of conservative loyalties. I think that was the case here. I chose opposition to the lesbian myth over loyalty to an important conservative pundit. I now realize that it should be the other way around, like the way we choose to support Our Leader rather than the principles of small government, liberty, and fiscal responsibility.

I hope I've cleared up any confusion you may have had about where my loyalties lie.

I am not a homosexual.

Gen. JC Christian, patriot

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