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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Giftcard balance?

Do you receive one of those visa gift cards for Christmas and don't want to hassle with the $4.27 balance left on it. Consider contributing to one of the Presidential candidates at the General's Act Blue site (I haven't contributed yet, because I'm waiting for my aluminum redemption check, but when I get it, I'll pony up too).

Blue Hampshire tells you how to check your balance.

Of course, I'm hoping that Our Leader uses his secret Article II powers to seize a third term, but if he'd rather go into retirement so he can watch cartoons full time, I'll settle for some other Republican.

That said, a Republican victory would be worth little if we did't defeat the most dangerous of our enemies, John Edwards and Al Gore. That's why I've placed them on my Act Blue Page. Our triumph will be all the sweeter if we defeat well funded opponents.

John Edwards is at the forefront in questioning Our Leader's New Economic Order. If he wins, our betters, people like Paris Hilton and Donald Trump, will no longer receive the governmental advantages so generously provided by Our Leader.

Al Gore is no better. His treason lies in his commitment to the words found on an ancient piece of paper called the Bill of Rights. He believes that such things as torture, the denial of habeas corpus,warrantlesss wiretaps, and even Our Glorious War to Resubjugate Brown People are criminal acts.

If you don't like these candidates,

Of course, you're always welcome to go the paypal donation to Jesus' General route (see sidebar) so I can get my Cheetoes on while I wait for that check.

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