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Friday, October 12, 2007

Klutzo the Christian Clown's Amazon Profile

I'm sure many of you have heard about Klutzo the Christian Clown's recent arrest. Apparently airport security officials found pictures of naked boys in his camera and on his computer when he returned from a missionary clowning crusade at an orphanage in the Philippines. Some say it's just another example of a good socially conservative Christian man "Going Republican." Klutzo, whose real name is A. Paul Carlock Jr, says he was merely photographing boys from the orphanage who were too poor to own clothes.

After doing a little research and reading his Amazon profile, I'm convinced that Klutzo is telling the truth. He's obviously a man who cares deeply about the welfare of children. Why else would he tag various children's movies at Amazon with tags like:

boy (3), devotion (2), loyalty (2), bonding (1), child (1), coming of age (1), comitment (1), commitment (1), crafty (1), endearment (1), goofy (1), hope (1), kidnapping (1), love (1), miracle (1), mischievous fun (1), moving (1), parenting (1), relationship (1), silly (1), socialization (1), trickster (1)

or write reviews like the following for films like Possessed:

Possessed will possess you while and after you watch it., December 13, 2006
Possessed is not just another Catholic scandel. I am not going to spoil the silm by delving into the intracacies of the plot, but take my word for it, this is a must if you are to understand what innicents have been subjected to by those sworn to protect and provide for the. [apparently the subject matter so angered he couldn't finish his sentence.]


Perppermint is refreshing, December 13, 2006
Peppermint is a greek production providing a close look into growing up for both boys and girls. It also provides insights into the magic of first love and the the impact these memories have on our lives. Highly Recommended if you can find it.

Goodnight Mr. Tom:

Mister Tom provides great character study., December 13, 2006
The film, produced in England, is not only a great character study from many dimensions, it provides an uncanny look at the burgeoning relations between a boy and an elderly caretaker, both of whom are resistant to the arrangement. You will be enthralled and delighted at the lengths one will go to protect a bond that has finally flourished! Very Highly recommended!

and Taming Andrew:

Taming Andrew is awesome entertainment and information., December 13, 2006
Taming Andrew is a must see for anyone interested in child development and the consequences of the lack of guidance by a loving and responsive parent/guardian. The plot acurately portrays what took place in real life when andrew is kidnapped by his criminal father at an early age and returned about age eight...

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