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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ron Paul endorsed by Stormfront Radio

Thanks to MJS and Darryl for filling in. Please check out their blogs, at Corrente and Hominid Views. (Oh, and MJS and Darryl, I just got in and wasn't intending to post, so if you had something ready, please go ahead and publish it. Thanks again.)

Like I said, I just got back from a conference and wasn't going to post today, but when David Duke emailed me with the news that Ron Paul had received a key White Nationalist endorsement, I had to share it with you immediately.

I like Ron Paul but I'm a little wary of trusting Stormfront Radio. I mean, after all, it has the word "radio" in it, and we all know radio is controlled by the Episcopalians.

BTW, doesn't this Lady Celtic white person sound a lot like Joey Lauren Adams, the woman who played a lady homosexual in that movie, Chasing Amy? If it's her, I hope this post doesn't violate my restraining order. It's not like I'm still sending her pictures of me in a wet suit every day.

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