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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Department of Book Reports 42: The Sex Club

I knew that title would get your attention! This thriller is set in the current sex-ed suppression movement of Abstinence Only policies.

When a rash of genital warts appears at the Eugene OR Planned Parenthood Clinic, it's obvious this outbreak is the result of sexual activity in the local middle school. Kera Kollmorgan, the clinic's Youth Outreach Coordinator, had just met with a patient and received a dashed off email from the girl, when a bomb explodes at the clinic. Her patient's body is found in a dumpster the next day and Kera has to balance privacy issues while helping Detective Wade Jackson find the bomber, and now also a murderer.

Kera's digging has led her to the chat room of the local after school bible group, Good News. Left unsupervised, this has become
The Sex Club.

L.J. Sellers uses this book to explore the world of Right to Life extremists. It shines a light on how much denial goes on in dealing with these kids: "But she's only thirteen!" This is an important read, even if it will make you angry at times. Read it and then make a donation to your local Planned Parenthood.

The Sex Club($8.50), published by an independent press, Spellbinder is available at Jackson Street Books and can be ordered at other fine independent bookstores.

UPDATE: Tonight at 7 pm, author Adrian Burgos Jr will be speaking about and signing his book, Playing America's Game: Baseball, Latinos, And The Color Line (University California Press, $21.95), a history of Latino Baseball players. If you're in Seattle, please join us at Jackson Street Books!

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