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Friday, January 04, 2008

Meeting My Fellow Republicans

About a dozen Cafe Wellstoners and I attended an Iowa caucus discussion at Second Life Republican Headquarters last night. I thought things were going quite well, although many of my fellow Republicans were angry at Wellstoner Solidad for not hating Mexicans enough.

That is everything went fine until I made an observation about a song that was playing in the background. At first I said that I didn't think the Nine Inch Nails song, "I Want to Fuck You Like an Animal" was appropriate for a Republican meeting. Then after thinking about it for a moment, I changed my position and declared that songs about having carnal relations with animals were indeed very appropriate for Republican meetings. Someone then responded that it was a simile and I was back to thinking it was inappropriate. Still, just to be safe. I offered up a link to my video of Mitt Romney doing the wild thing with a bear. Everything went black after that, and I couldn't return.

I thought it'd be nice to share some pictures with you.

I always like to begin my visits to SL GOP HQ, by stopping by the Reagan Monument and using the GOP's animated prayer balls (seriously, I am not making that up) to ask God to give my enemies a disease.

Here's a picture of the whole compound:

Here's the reception area. You can pick up a complimentary swag bag there.

Here's some of the "swag" you get in the swag bag. I've highlighted my favorites in yellow.

Summer was the first person to become angry with me. As a Huckabee supporter he was offended that my profile said I satirize the Christian right. You can't see it in the picture, but there was a tag identifying her as a "slave girl" in a fantasy group. She's very traditional.

This is my friend, Therik. He becomes very uncomfortable when a man, even one made up of bytes and pixels, stands close to him. But I like standing close to my friends, so that caused some conflict.

Here's a screen cap of Terik's profile. Don't mess with him. He's a member of the Fox Force Five.

More from his profile: in real life, he's a "defense contractor."

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