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Friday, February 29, 2008

Bond had Q; Jethro has Hal Turner

Update: The nice folks at the Southern Poverty Law Center got a screen cap of Hal's threat against Obama before he took it down. It's been forwarded to the Secret Service agent investigating the case.

I received a note from the Secret Service yesterday asking me to call them about the post where I quoted former Republican party official and regular Sean Hannity guest, Hal Turner, threatening Barack Obama. I have to admit I was a little nervous, because Turner had removed the post from his site and it wasn't cached at Google--he has anti-spidering code on his site. "Would they think I made it up," I wondered.

Fortunately, Turner can't help himself. I glanced at his site as I dialed the Secret Service and saw this (as I noted before, you will have to scroll down--Hal thinks permalinks are Jewish):

Ricin is easy to make from castor beans. Castor beans are legal to buy, can be gotten throughout the country or via the internet. Even more interesting is that the internet is full of "how-to" information explaining how to cook the husks of castor beans into this poison.

Since as little as 500 micrograms of ricin can kill an adult, I wonder if smearing some on a glove then shaking hands with. . . . . . Barak Obama or Hillary Clinton or John McCain. . . . would have some effect? Probably not. But I wonder if loading some in a straw equipped with a one-way valve at one end to protect the user, would allow ricin powder to be blown in the direction of a candidate for inhalation? HMMMMMMM. It's a good thing that I obey the law and have no intention of doing something like this personally!


Yes, I see good reason for the political candidates this year to be gotten rid of and from my viewpoint, ricin could be used by some nefarious person to accomplish that. It's the type of weapon that Secret Service cannot protect anyone from. What are they gonna do, check everyone for straws as they enter a campaign venue? And once the poison is delivered, there is no treatment and no cure. Death is 100% guaranteed.

This time I made a screen cap:

If any of you made a screencap of the previous post. I would appreciate it if you could send it to me so I can get it to the Secret Service.

Here's Hal's Obama post again:

The REAL Barack Obama:

Is THIS the type of guy you want running America? I Don't!

In fact, I'm starting to come to the realization that it may be up to a sole person, acting alone, to make certain this guy is never allowed to hold the most powerful office in the world. Sorry it may have to be that way, but it may.

Update: A Product of Conservative Radio

Hal first came to my notice about 10 or 12 years ago on the usenet group He was a big fan of Limbaugh and a regular caller to Bob Grant's show on WABC. He spent a great deal of his time on defending Grant from charges of racism (Grant liked to refer to blacks as "savages.") Eventually, he began playing audio clips attacking Clinton and David Dinkins during his calls to Grant's show and others and became popular enough to get his own radio gig. That all ended when he finally stopped pretending to be a non-racist and moved his show to shortwave and the internet.

You may also recall that Hal was involved in a controversy two years ago when he celebrated the murders of U.S. Judge Joan Lefkow's husband and mother in their apartment, after he had previously called for her assassination.

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