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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

MTV Street Team '08 Reports on Super Tuesday

YOUR FAITHFUL OREGON representative for the MTV Street Team '08 (ahem, yours truly) is invisible on this day, because Oregon doesn't exist when it comes to Super Tuesday. But my Street Team peeps are LIVE on the scene in each Super Tuesday state.

It's a pretty cool idea, they'll be broadcasting live using cell phones, MTV News will be editing and playing pieces all day, and I believe so will MTV. As a point of interest in the current political climate, Califas is covered by Carl, a fantastic filmmaker and a real good guy, we chilled a bit during the MTV bootcamp training sesh I went to. Georgia is covered by the Shelbinator, a regular at Huffpost. NJ (Sia), NM (Christine), and NY (Sara) have some very talented (and hot) mamas reporting. Kyle, blogmigo from Citizen Orange is covering Massachusetts! I could go on. In fact, many of these people are very talented and doing deeds in many areas and states aside from the Street Team. After all, they won the chance to rep their state, and the whole process was grueling, as I can tell you. None have blogged on The Unapologetic Mexican, but hey, there's talent, and then there's plain ole fantasticality.

Click here or here to keep up with their feeds. Or turn on MTV on ya set and watch for spots occurring all day.

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