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Monday, November 17, 2008

Honoring Ron Skytower

As you may have heard, my Inner Frenchman declined to do another debate with Ron Skytower of the  SL Republicans. He says there's no reason to debate Ron again, because conservatism is now irrelevant. Adding insult to injury, he compared Ron to a labrador retreiver, writing:
Arguing with people who think Obama is a secret Muslim communist and the Earth is only 6000 years old is pointless. It's like debating a small child or more accurately, a male labrador retriever. No matter what you say, he'll continue to hump your leg, knowing with certainty that if he just humps long enough, your shoes will bear puppies. All you get out of it is a sticky leg.
Ron, I apologize on the behalf of my Inner Frenchman. He's a damned elitist who doesn't understand why we fear just about everything. He constantly mocks our hatred of the brown, our attempts to dominate our women, our hatred of science, and even the special relationships we form with our livestock.

But I am not my Inner Frenchman. I am a patriot and a warrior for Jesus, and I want to treat you and your ideas with all the seriousness you and they deserve. So I shall honor you, not with a debate (we already agree on everything), but in the way our ancient forebears, the mighty warriors of Sparta, honored each other. Yes, I am challenging you to wrestle me in the nude. Let us grapple, oiled flesh meeting oiled flesh, until one of us achieves victory by driving his hard spear of manhood deep into the other's dark cave of shame.

We shall do it at Wellstone's Donkey to shame my Inner Frenchman by highlighting his cowardice. Let us begin at 2:00 pm SLT (Pacific) and wrestle until one of us is vanquished. And let us do it as a fundraiser for a worthy cause like Books for Soldiers.

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