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Monday, November 10, 2008

Infiltrating the Separationists

Back from the Americans United for the Separation of Church and State Conference. My camera failed me. I don't understand what happened to it. It was refurnished Kodak Instamatic spy camera the Department of Homeland Security purchased from Haliburton. You'd think a $15.2M camera wouldn't be harmed when hidden in a man's secret parts, but hey maybe all that rubbing against the 9mm Glock I also had packed there caused the damage.

Thank God Fran took pics.

Please notice that Blue Gal lies about being blue--she's a white woman--and Dr. Zaius is not our ape overlords' Minister of Science.

Unfortunately, she didn't get any of that bastard who tortured the body of Our Lord, or of the Card-Carrying Buddhist who looks like Meryl Streep (maybe she is Meryl Streep--damned commie), theVast Left Conspirator and Lambert from that Eyetalian Blog, a culture terrorist, a real life evolutionist, and one very very pissed off veteran who actually smiled a lot--great guy.

Update, Pics of PZ, the Eyetalians, our host Rev. Barry Lynn, and my hand (I think) here.

Thanks so much to Beth Corbin of AU for inviting me and to those of you who helped out. I picked up lots of great intel there and will be blogging about it and Alicia Morgan's great book in the future.

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