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Friday, February 27, 2009

Dobson resigns

Wants to spend more time beating his dachshund.


  1. "Beating his dachshund"? Is that what the kids are calling it now? In my day, it was "spanking the monkey." And Grandpa called it "choking the chicken." At least that's what he called it when he made me watch. But let's not go there, shall we?

  2. Anonymous7:13 PM

    I thought it was "rogering your melon." Or, is that something different?

  3. if you catch a child of god whacking his wolverine
    beat him soundly with a whip and eat some thorazine
    if the child changes course and thumps his thumbelina
    send him down to New Orleans to play the concertina
    if the little bastard still goes cock-a-doodle-doo
    feed his corn dog to the lions who lounge around the zoo

    from "Little Stinker Stanley's Dickshunairey of Pleasing Punishments"


  4. FYI He's dropping the title, but not ceding control of the money....

  5. Well, he's obviously retiring to make way for REAL soldier of KKKrist. Just what this country needs a fundie Curt LeMay.

  6. So that's why Jim Wolcott named him Spongedob Stickypants.


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