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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Obama, Satan team up, beat Pastor Anderson like he's The Brown

The State Security Apparatus is not supposed to do this to white, Christian men.

Zsuzsana has more.

Pastor Anderson's followers respond, blame Obama and Satan

James Forrest (Kingjames 520):
You know that the constitution of the United States has basicly been tossed out by the leftists who are in power. If they can put a president in office who can't prove his citizenship, you can also kiss your forth or fifth amendment rights good by. I heard a Texas governor making a comment about "Seccession." Perhaps that might not be a bad idea now.
Rey George:
The Bible speaks of a remnant people who will proclaim the truth as the Second Coming approaches.

The reason why this happened to your husband is simple..... he is now on Lucifers "watch list". As your husband continues to preach the hidden truths that The Lord is continually presenting him with, your persecution will only worsen.
Mrs W:
Yep it's disgusting, and it's only going to get worse. I can't believe that so many CHRISTIANS voted for Obama and this mess.

By the way, it is illegal for Obama to be the president, therefore, since he is ineligible, he is NOT the president. He's a masquerader and anything he signs into law isn't valid.
I am sorry for your husbands injuries , I am greatful for his martyrisim.
Nancy @ momjustlikeyou:
We, too, are a large family with 7 children. We home school and daily desire to follow Jesus. I will be sharing this news with ALL of my friends on many different computer networks. Individual's rights in this country continue to be eroded daily by those with a Socialist agenda...
I'm sorry that this happened to you. i wonder how they treat sodomites and childmolesters! I Pray you get well and that the Lord will use this for good.
Helmet tips to readers KT and Christopher.


  1. Mocked you, reviled you. I would have kicked your effeminate ass into the next kingdom. Border security is not for christo-pussies like you. If you cant take a couple of hours of rendition, keep your lily white ass home.

  2. I love that Pastor Anderson has discovered the Wonderful World of Gestapotopia! I pray that he gives more testimony about this often misunderstood aspect of border hysteria, and brings attention to the fuckloads of guns going to Mexico while anti-pharmaceuticals head north.

    Commander Dutch Rub was under the commonly held misapprehension that pale skin is all you need to be treated with respect and dignity. Hah-hah!

    Not to make light of Pastor Anderson's traumatic experience, but what was he doing in Tijuana? I've been on that there Interstate 8 and let me tell you, it's full of people driving back and forth, doing all kinds of stuff. Mango running, redistribution of Chiclets, salsa hijinks: crazy, man, crazy! Oh, yes, and lots of murders as the drug prohibition continues to foster a black market that is the envy of libertarians everywhere!


  3. General, Sir:

    Are these folks "Crackin' for Jesus" or what? I know some fairly delusional people (I see one every time I shave) and yet they all seem perfectly lucid in comparison to these KKKristian soldiers.

  4. I'm glad he named the officers involved so they can be rewarded with pay raises and medals. It would be a shame for these fine officers to be lost to posterity. What's he bitch'in about it was just the other day his man on the supreme court, A. Scalia, was serving up his usual barf about how too much (that would be any) interest was being paid to "rights," when that's not really what it's all about, at all. "Rights" are a problem and the less they are mentioned the better, at least that is the opinion of the majority of SCOTuS, God bless them. I fear pastor Anderson has strayed based on one bad experience. He should be grateful they didn't kill him, for gawd's sake.

  5. If only he had been stopped in Maricopa county!

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio would have shown this "Waaah! I have a 4th Amendment!" loser what's what!

    Someone should tell this idiot that the only Amendment we conservatives recognize is the Great and Glorious Second (praise Heston)!

    Oh, wait. I can never remember - now that we have a Demislamunistomosexual President - do we acknowledge other Amendments?

    Hm. My small conservative brain is hurting now. If only this guy was brown-skinned this would be so much easier.

  6. Oops, make that Clarence Thomas, could just as easily been Scalia, hard to tell them apart. Great read at the New York Times here He is also apparently infatuated with dishwashers, please someone get him one with a glass door and maybe he'll just disappear.

  7. O wait...pastor Anderson LIVES in Maricopa county. In the next city over from me, as a matter of fact. And he's lived here a few years, so he's familiar with Sheriff Joe.

    I think this dude's a whackjob, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a point. There's some question as to whether these checkpoints (not near the border) are legal. Steven Anderson may be naive and he may be crazy, but I can respect someone who honestly believes that checkpoints violate our civil liberties.

    Plus, it's disturbing to see the continued expanded use of the Tazer as a basic item of policing, particularly since the Tazer has been lethal in more than a few cases.

    Anyway, he's a whackjob, but hey, he's not entirely totally loony.

  8. Elections have consequences. You can't blame this on Obama you fucked up cultists. This is your just reward for supporting your precious Jesus loving Emperor Chimpman and the GOP for 8 glorious years. You asked for it now STFU and enjoy it.

  9. Yes, Mirele, as painful as it is to say it, I'm woth Anderson on this. Tazers are deadly weapons and should not be used except in life threatening situations, and maybe a gun should be used then. But too often, they are now being used to force compliance.

  10. I hate the use of taser to force compliance, but I can sort of understand it in this case. The dogs smelled something, so the border guards stop him. He's completely uncooperative - won't answer questions, won't get out of the car, won't submit to a lawful search. They waited an hour before calling in the cops to arrest him. The cops at this point have every reason to suspect he is up to something and could very well have a gun. He forced them to break a window to get him out, so it isn't like he was going quietly and they beat him up for fun.
    Whether the checkpoint is constitutional or not, the reality of the situation is that once you get stopped by the cops you cooperate, at least minimally. They had probable cause, whether it was the dog's mistake or not. When the cops say "step out of the ve-hickil sir" and you start locking the isn't going to end well. He's probably luck not to have gotten shot.

  11. Yep, that's how it goes. First they taser the anti-war hippies, but Pastor Anderson wasn't an anti-war hippie, so he didn't say anything...

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. I have had my suspicions that "Pastor" Anderson was a faker, because his sermons on chastising the wicked were just too Godly and everything. No REAL preachers have such clear, holy messages. They're all too timid to say stuff straight out about sinners like sodomiteofascists. The fact that "Pastor" Anderson speaks the truth makes me think he's lying. This confirms it!

    I mean, c'mon, a little cheap theatrical makeup and laundry marker smudges on his forehead? If he had REALLY gotten on the wrong side of America's mighty forces of justice, you think he wouldn't be showing a fractured skull, missing teeth and broken ribs from boot kicks after a patriotic pummeling? Who at the ACLU put him up to this second-rate slander of Those Who Defend Our Soft, White, Virginal Borders?

    Plus, he said there was not a "centimetre" of his face that was not covered with blood. What kind of a French-ish unit of measurement is that, comrade? Was there by any chance not an INCH not covered???

    If, for the sake of argument, we assume "Pastor" Anderson's tale has even a gram's worth of veracity, I say it's a testament to the benevolence of American justice. So he got his itty bitty wittle windoos cracked like we used to do to the Dekes in our fraternity pranks. Did the police pour sugar in his petrol tank like we did to the Deke treasurer's 1972 Gran Torino, or was it mysteriously set on fire. (My frat did NOT do that!) Was his car riddled with M-60 machine gun fire like so many Iraqi terrorists who violated the rules at roadblocks with their entire families in the back seat?

    Did the nice officers who drove Anderson away from the scene of his crime put him in an adult diaper and lock him in a coffin-sized box for 18 hours as he pissed and shat himself? Did they hang him by his arms from a pipe in the ceiling in the police lockup all night? These are all legal techniques for enhanced interrogation of people who might reasonably be suspected of having a ticking time bomb in their car boot.

    No, "Pastor" Anderson's story is evidence of what a great country America is. When an itinerant preacher suffers an unexplained injury, perhaps a suicide attempt, he can get first-class medical care at a hospital emergency room!

    BTW, the ER bill's coming next week. It's $5,837.74. And the police want $487.50 for the car impound fee and the cost of replacement Taser electrodes.

  14. I have been thinking about the situation with Reverend Anderson. I don't understand how those people could have stopped a good white Christian male (a real American) and questioned him. I mean it's not like he was one of those fake foreign religions like a Jew or a Catholic, or one of those other foreign people. I mean can anybody but a white person be really a Christian? It ought to be unconstitutional, I'm sure it's written in there somewhere. For someone like this Reverend to even be questioned about his loyalty is a sign that this country is drifting away from its Christian anchor. He is what this country is all about.


  15. Excellent, after what he said about Obama, I do not have the slightest pity for this bastard.

  16. These people are just pathetic. Scums of the earth pretending to be riding on high-horses.

    I wish they all get their teeth kicked in, and die from brain cancer. They so deserve it.


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