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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Oppressing Patriots And Their Tiny "Little Soldiers"

Sure, Minuteman leader Jeff Schwilk may have a very tiny little soldier, but by gawd he looks like a magnificent warrior when he's attacking Mexicans, the gay, and women while wearing the most manly bikinis (Fashion show begins at 1:30-you may not want to watch this at work).

Minutemen Bikini Battalian from JC Christian on Vimeo.


  1. General, Sir:

    That Mr. Swizzledick is ALL man. BTW, congratufications on that video. It's just amazing to me that he spent 21 years in the USMC and yet never managed to meet Gomer Pyle and spend an evening romping with him in their dress camis (camisole not camouflage).

  2. Gen'ril, sir?

    Where can one find the vid of the original confrontation between the big, brave Marine and the woman reporter? I'd love to hear the words spoken between 'em...

  3. I watchd it at work! But only because I'm on midnight shifts this week. Good thing there were no female nurses around -- they'd swoon at his not-manliness. But then, this is the country that produced the drag-camp classic film "Shiela, Queen of the Desert."

  4. It's no secret that those who fight the good fight often have tiny peckers and unresolved issues of rage and brutish egotism. They are the anti-Tom Joads of Palin's America, just one Cheney-devised catastrophe away from popping out of a manhole cover in a city near you. Remember that a small pecker merely disappoints while a small asshole can still get lots of shit all over the toilet seat.


  5. Mr. mjs, Sir:

    I think I see a win-win, here. Let's put the small peckered people together with the small asshole people (I think that will take care of the small minded people, as well) and that problem is solved for both parties.

  6. They should change their names from Minuteman to Inchman.

  7. "They should change their names from Minuteman to Inchman."

    Na---just change the pronunciation from meenit to mynyute.

  8. I hope the next time this erstwhile bikini model goes out on Minuteman patrol in the desert he get attacked by coyotes. Not the criminals who bring illegal fruitpickers and construction workers in from Mexico, the furry fanged kind.

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