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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Join me at Netroots Nation in Second Life

Can't make it to Pittsburgh? Consider joining me at Netroots Nation in Second Life. I'll be doing a number of events there. Tonight (Thursday) I'll be spinning Prince's "Purple Rain" at my weekly late night Album Cafe. That begins at 11 pm (all times Pacific) at my booth on Netroots Nation Island.

On Friday, at 1:30, I'll be on the Organizing in Virtual Worlds panel (Rm 316 in Pittsburgh and at the NN Arena in Second life). Later, at 7, I'll be hosting Dancing Liberally at Cafe Wellstone.

Of course they'll be streaming many other Netroots Nations events like the Clinton Speech as well. If your a fan of Kos founder, Markos, he's making an appearance at NNSl and will be available to answer yor questions via IM. You can see the full schedule here.

It's fairly easy to begin using SL. Joining is free. Once your there, do a search for Netroots nation Island or IM me (GenJCChristian Homewood) and we'll get you going.


  1. It is within 3.5 hrs at warp 1, so I am going. I hope to see people from here there. Or something...

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