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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

MSNBC vs Steven L Anderson

A Faithful Word Baptist Church Member responds:
Comment by Greg Vanderpool 1 hour ago
Who is this communist fag that this robot lady it talking to? W need to add a few prayers for him as well.
And a few other congregants are moved by the Holy Ghost to comment on Pastor Anderson's sermon:
Reply by James Forrest (Kingjames 520) on August 23, 2009 at 7:12am
Barack Obama may make Hitler look like a Sunday school teacher and Stalin like a Baptist Deacon. He is responsible for countless little babies being killed before they ever breath air. If he opproves and abortion he is just as responsible as the doctor who inserts a surgical instrument into the brain of a partially born babie. Yes I call them babies. even from conception. How come the news media dosen't say much about this? Even Limbaugh or Hanity or Beck? Now with his health care plan just around the corner, He is going to be responsible for the death of many good Americans because they just happened to have lived to collect Social Security or medicare. I believe that the only one who can take a life is God. It is indeed sad for what is happening in America. And I believe that the preaching of pastor Anderson is much like the preaching of Jeramiah. The people just don't want to hear it.

Reply by Andrew Guenin on August 23, 2009 at 7:35am
Obama gave a shout out to all of us religious folk. He said it's our moral obligation to support his healthcare plan. Be your brother's keeper LOL. The only bad thing about Ted Kennedy dying will be the shameless plugs for this healthcare plan.

Reply by James Forrest (Kingjames 520) 1 day ago
Frankly Andrew, I wouldn't have voted Obama for "dog catcher". Besides what does he know about being his brother's keeper when he is paying American money to have Kenian babies killed before they ever take their first breath. There is actually something quite sinister that is above Obama that is pulling his strings just like a puppet.


  1. I'll agree with one thing that the communist fag said to the robot lady: PASTOR ANDERSON IS A COWARD! He "prays" for notPresident Obama the illegal alien lizard person to die. "PRAYS" for it! Yeah, let God All-smitey do the work, right, Pastor?

    All these people who utter imprecatory prayers are afraid that if they pick up whatever guns they own and just start shooting their way in from the perimeter of some Obama event, they'll get their shoes dirty, or the Secret Service will blast them fulla bullet holes like a bloody Swiss cheese, and people will recoil in disgust when they hear a deranged reich-winger has killed a few police officers and little old lady bystanders in another futile spasm of hate-filled violence. So they "pray" that something will miraculously happen 'cause they ain't got the guts.

    I think it's shameful that MSNBC would air the words of this coward who "prays" for action. There are people who will go on camera promising to TAKE action! When I still lived in San Francisco, there was a smelly guy with matted hair and urine stains on the legs of his holey pants who would stand on the corner of 9th and Judah screaming that he would personally strangle President Nixon if he ever got his hands around Nixon's neck. Granted, it was 2004, and Nixon had been dead for quite a few years. But I'm sure that guy would feel the same about Obama, if he hasn't died of a gangrenous leg infection while curled in a foetal position under a bush in Golden Gate Park. The dirty smelly guy under the bush, I mean. If Obama wanted to curl up under a bush in the park, I bet the Secret Service would put up tent for him, at taxpayers' expense!

    Anyway, raving homeless guys have more courage than Pastor Anderson, and make just as much sense. Why don't the teevee networks give them publicity too? Somebody oughta get Fox News on this!

  2. Our boy has made it to the big time! Pastor Anderson ain't no two-bit hick any longer: he's a sawbuck full of righteous malice!

    What is so beautiful about the malevolent pastor's meteoric rise is that he (unknowingly) illustrates the main theme from Charlie Pierce's book "Idiot America" wherein Pierce examines the phenomenon of what he calls "cranks." Cranks are important to America (and Pierce gives a thumbnail of them throughout our history) but we have to recognize them as cranks, not as gifted avatars of Truth. Sarah Palin is a crank, not a spunky straight-shooter. A Kentucky museum with humans riding dinosaurs is a crank museum, not an important addition to the scientific/cultural community. We have to know facts from fiction:

    Pastor Anderson is a crank who is wandering off his safe little island and into the mainstream, and that's when the big fans are turned on, in anticipation of all the shit that's going to hit them. I read much of "Idiot America" while flying safely above it, and though the book was singing to my own private choir it hit some notes I had not previously thought about and I was therefore most appreciative for Mr. Pierce's work. But don't tell Pastor Anderson: he wouldn't understand. Still in the flower of his youth, Anderson is pouring out some very dense psychological turmoil (righteously unhinged anger, conspiracy-fearing, homophobia, non-reflective posturing, etc.) and sees "a name for his pain" in our current president. When cranks go too far they get another name: sociopaths.


  3. Bukko wrote:
    "Anyway, raving homeless guys have more courage than Pastor Anderson, and make just as much sense. Why don't the teevee networks give them publicity too?"

    Because, they ain't as purty as Pastor Anderson! Don't you think he has a purty mouth? I bet he loves to get down on his knees to pray several times a day - to paraphrase Rev. William B. Neck, I bet he gets down on his knees, opens his mouth wide and lets Jesus come inside! Hallelujah!

  4. You think his mouth is still purty after it got busted up by those Arizona cops who tazed him? I want to see a recent pitcher! (Since Rev. P'boy thinks the pastor is a catcher...)

  5. Mr. mjs, Sir:

    Is that the same Charlie Pierce who does sports for NPR and the Boston Globe?

    Anyhoo. That Pastor Anderson is making a name for himself, several actually. Asshole, fuckhead, dimwit, socioprick and a few others I'm sure.

    It's a good thing I don't live down his way or I might get myself in a jam some Sunday. Somebody needs to demonstrate to that fuckwad what real pain is.

  6. If Bukko in Austrailia gets taken away in a black helicopter for inciting somone to "take action," how will we know what happened to him?

  7. Steven Anderson is an ignorant, uneducated, false teacher. Please don't listen to a word he says or believe that his beliefs reflect that of any true Christian church or doctrine.

  8. Noah, I reckon most people who follow this blog are believers in Teh General's doctrine about the 900-foot-tall Jesus who shoots flaming bolts of lightning out of His Glowing Red Eyes to smite the wicked. (C'mon, I can't be the only one who believes in that!) Compared to THAT kind of power, the theology of a raving pissant like Anderson holds no attraction for us.


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