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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Is Dan Riehl a Child Predator?

I hate to speculate about a fellow conservative, but why else would he try so hard to look like Fred Flintstone?

But then again, someone who writes something like this couldn't be a child predator, could he. Nah, I think he's just hot for Wilma.

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  1. General, Sir:

    It looks like Fred, I mean Dan, is havin' a wargasm.

    Just so it's clear. There is no proof that Dan Riehl was involved--with or without Glenn Beck--in the rape, murder (and subsequent cover up of those crimes) of a young girl in 1990. Of course there is also no proof that he didn't.

  2. I heard that some of the Teabaggers like to Teabag. Could be just a rumor, but it could be true. It would explain all the nutsacks.

    p.s. this guy Riehl is making hummus with his balls. You can see it in his eyes. He's got loofah eyes for sure.


  3. I love people who are honest enough to admit "I know nothing about what I'm writing about" and "I don't want to call this murdered guy a child molester" and then go straight to implying that he's a child molester.

    Because that's the true mark of a patriotikkkblogger! Plow right on ahead to smear someone who obviously deserves it, on account of how he worked for the Evilocensusfascists. Is this a great country, or what?!?


  4. Bukko, I think it's the. "Or what?!?"

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. democommie: I'm pretty sure Riehl killed a young boy in the '90s, during a Bohemian Grove ritual. Or so I've heard, and Riehl has not come forward to deny it

  7. KJK: Hyperion:

    Let me add that to the mix. I think we have a hit on our hands!

  8. I'd just like people to stop thinking about themselves and how repulsive & disgusting a nature of Dan's baseless slander of a cruelly murdered man for just one second. Just, you know, stop. What about Dan?

    What about the thousands of cheeto stained right wing nutjobs locked in their basement writing incendary bollocks? Dan has to compete against them.
    Dan has made an incredible achievement. He has really looked inside himself. He has looked deep, deep within his bowels to come up with a winner. A winner that will allow his name to sink below all the other rightwingers and stand out. In one post, Dan has out-calloused Coulter. He has out-stupided Malkin. He has out-doublethinked O'reilly. He has out-baseless-conspiracy-theoried Beck himself!

    I'm sure this comes at a high personal cost. Dan now has set precedence. He can't write another entry that is just so-so appalling. He can't write Fox 'facts' on teabaggers, for God's sake. He has to outdo his own post. I fear for Dan's ability to do it. I mean, how much generally & specifically appalling a post can one write?

  9. One can't help but speculate whether Dan Riehl is a Child Predator.

  10. Wow, first we find out there are questions about whether Glenn BecKKK raped a young girl in 1990, and maybe even murdered her. And now enquiring minds want to know whether Dan Riehl is a child sex predator? I don't know anything about the issue -- I didn't even read your post before commenting -- and I don't know Dan Riehl. But I have to wonder why people would be pointing to Dan Riehl and talking about men who are sick, evil child rapists if there was absolutely no basis for it. Dan Riehl sure does write a lot of stuff about men who have sex with children. Why is Riehl so interested in child sex, anyway?


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