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Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Inner Frenchman: He Reaped What They Sowed

Digby: "Feds"

More of the story.

About Bill Sparkman.

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  1. He Reaped What They Sowed

    And if you think for one moment that any of the three will consider their incitement in this, you are overestimating their connection to humanity.

  2. Billie sang it best here:

  3. We are dying at the speed of Rush.


  4. Well the lynchopatriot who did this patriotikkk akkkt of GlennBectriotism woulda carved "ACORN" in Sparkman's chest, 'ceptin' that's too hard to spell.

  5. I don't think it wise to jump to any conclusions re: the politics of the perp. My 1st thought when I heard this was that he was mistaken as DEA. Lots of MJ in them thar hills.

  6. Anonymous9:30 AM

    What an idiotic and ridiculous photo. You putz

  7. If it turns out that there was a right-wing political angle to this (and I don’t think the “Copperhead Road” and anti-federal government angles are mutually exclusive, by the way), I wonder whether the right will view this the same way they viewed Ruby Ridge … you know, outrage over the use of deadly force and the death of an innocent victim, all of that sort of thing. (Of course, the difference being that Weaver family really were gun-hoarding white supremacists involved in an organization that advocated the violent overthrow of the U.S. government; but I digress …)

    In any event, I’m sure the righties won’t see the irony.

  8. Gee Daryl,

    Lots of weed farmers want to draw attention to their little enterprise by hanging a man in a tree and scrawling FED across his chest. No way something like that would have investigators combing the woods looking for more evidence related to the unimportant crime of murder. Not.

    Leaving a man dangling from a tree with something spelled across his chest is leaving a message for others like him. Do you really think pot growers were sending a message to a para-military outfit like the DEA?

  9. Imitalian1963:

    "What an idiotic and ridiculous photo. You putz"

    Care to tell us wtf you're referring to?


    What jcricket said. Of course it might have been ACORN that was behind it.

  10. democommie,

    maybe the 'pot growers' wrote FED because they could not spell ACORN.

  11. very funny, jcricket...
    but was that directed to "us".

    quick poll ..who is the most hostile bigot here.

    1. " Patriotboy "
    2. " bukko in turmoil"
    3. " teh demo demo "

  12. Bukko_in_Australia said...
    Don't talk about torture either, trailer-trash beyotch, or we'll kill you.

    if patriot kid doesnt care to remove things like that.. i will remove 6 years of 'blog' here

  13. This 'Makemake' puts me in mind of a radio being tuned from one end of the band to the other: incoherent bits of dialogue that has no relation one to the other.

  14. Wasn't Michelle Bachmann ( R-Lalaland) going all conspiracy-theory about the census recently??


    Pot growers my ass. Looks like there is more going on in Clay County Kentucky that growing a little bit of weed.

    No one wants anyone going from door to door while working for the Feds for a VERY interesting reason. So so it seems.

    And ACORN is being accused of committing voter fraud while these conservatives are doing what? Allegedly.

    [Hat tip to Marcy Wheeler]

  16. I work in the field for the census bureau in western North Carolina, deep in the mountains. There are certainly meth labs and grow ops in the areas where I've worked but the greatest fear for my team and myself comes from the angry and the ignorant.

    The overwhelming anger is directed straight at the President. No question. Fear and racism at the core that has manifested into anti-government radicalism. We're threatened and intimidated almost daily, just for trying to earn a days pay and uphold the Constitution. I've been called a "employee of president nigger" and team members have been bitten by dogs and threatened with shotguns.

    The Glenn Becks and Michelle Bachmans give these nutjobs legitimacy and a voice. They're bringing this madness into the mainstream fold of our society and stoking the flames of misguided fears.

    Keep up the good work, General

  17. That poor fuck.

    Michelle BaKKKman has some simple solutions if you would just listen.
    Come to think of it, that's what I like best bout them Republikkkans.
    They loves'm some simple answers.
    Like this was being beamed ito my head just the other day.
    Census is Acorn
    Acorn is the DEVIL
    Kill Census workers.
    Damn, I loves me som Michelle Bachmann.

    To paraphrase her, '...the news media should investigate these unamerikkkan Congressmen.'


  18. Makemakenosense:

    "if patriot kid doesnt care to remove things like that.. i will remove 6 years of 'blog' here"

    means what?

    Every time I see one of your comments I wonder if you're being snarky to the point of incoherency or just plain incoherent. I'm going with the latter. Check in with your pal, Aaron Kinney on whatever blogs he goes to these days.

  19. Yes. Thank you, Blind, for your courage.

  20. I am proud to be insulted in the same trollpost where shite was flung at Teh Gen'l and Demosatan! As a relative newcomer to the GCCCR, I have tried to be more vehement than anyone in my hatred of all things weak and liberal and ghey. If I have offended an obvious left-whinger like this MakeFake, with her impenetrable comments that leave me wondering "WTF do you mean by that?" then I know I must be doing something right!

    All I can say is "Why do you hate America, you soft, liberal loser? Don't you know that the essence of being a patriotikkk American is to want to kkkill anyone who disagrees with the leader (as long as the leader isn't a black non-American IslamoKenyafascist)?"

    I wish I was brave enough to do what Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beckkk say, and murder people who don't share the Amerikkkan values of freedom and justice. Unfortunately, I fear what would happen to me if I went on a shooting spree in a shopping centre in some disgusting liberal neighbourhood. Plus I somehow find myself living on the other side of the planet from America. I'm still scratching my head over how THAT happened!

    But one of these days, I pray that I will be unhinged enough that I can commit a massacre for liberty! I hope to see you on that glorious occasion, Makeake!

  21. Hey, what’s a libislamodemosociofascist gotta do to get some love from Makemake anyways? I profaned the Sacred Holy Memory of Ruby Ridge and St. Randy Weaver the Martyr, and I get friggin’ nothin’? Jesus Friggin’ Christ on a pogo stick.

  22. Blind, your comment really hit home. Literally. Come by and visit -
    The Mills River Progressive

  23. General, Sir:

    It appears that agitator guy, Bill Sparkman (he's got the same first name as teh Clenis, y'know. Coninkydink? mythinks not.), pulled a most disingenius hoks.


    All that work to unfairly malign the Robin Hood meth dealers of the Daniel Boone National Forest will NOT stand.

    I say we ought to hang a medal on the necks of the fellers that helped him to done that. We want to make sure that it's attached to a good stout piece of cordage that's wrapped around a thickish tree limb--wouldn't want their medals to get lost, now would we?


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