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Monday, August 02, 2010

Confederate-Americans Under Attack

After years of shoving long, hard, steaming doses of tolerance down our throats, the libislamunistofascists are now attacking our precious flag, the Stars and Bars of our beloved Confederacy.

Well, I'm not going to stand for it. The flag means too much to me as both a Confederate-American and a teabagging patriot. It's a symbol for all we hold dear: the right of a state to allow men to own other men, the right to apportion water fountains according to skin tone, the right to spread the word that being darkly hued is an act of subversion, and the right to point out that Obama is an African, just like all those black people.

I've put up a banner for a group that is holding a "Burn the Confederate Flag Day" on that most holy of Teabagging days, September 12. I'm going to keep it up, so you can join (website, Facebook) and hopefully disrupt the event.


  1. There is nothing more patriotic than ripping the country in half so that rich, white southerners can thrive and profit from their evil, inhumane treatment of human beings. That over a century after the bloody civil war ended there are poor-in-spirit white people who continue to conflate treasonous secession with some half-assed identification with a lost, noble primacy of the White Man is a testament to cultural dementia and collective intellectual poverty. Amen.



    Is the New Black Panther Party behind this, by any chance? I'd go to the site and check it out, but I'm afraid that might put me into some government surveillance database that will be used to round me up and send me to the re-education camps when the clampObamadown comes. It's not easy figuring out how to avoid the hairy arm of the law when you live in the Free-estezest Country In The World.

  3. Anonymous12:54 PM

    A Facebook contact was actually offended! I'm more than horrified that someone would defend a symbol of oppression that's still seen as a veiled threat by many. But she sees that flag as a source of regional and cultural pride. Guess she won't see the funny side of 'Bagger mockery, either.

  4. General, Sir:

    I think it's way past time to reinstate the "Bull Connors Fire Brigade and Dog and Pony Show". We'll show them GODLESS flagburnin' son'sa'bitches the same sort of "LOVE" that we showed them uppity coo-, er, colored folks in
    Bermingham! Bull is just the sort of lawenforcin' man that the REAL South needs today!

  5. Anonymous1:01 PM

    I'll bet most confederate flags are made in China.

  6. Anonymous6:14 PM

    Actually, all you'll prove is that you're an attention whore, a douchebag or a punk-ass little bitch. But I guess there's no reason why you can't be all three.

  7. Sir, your patriotism squeezes a tear of molten lead from mine eyes!

    And Christopher Johnson is a cock stroking southern racist terrorist coward who supports treasonous bigots over America.

  8. Its tea party not tea bagger. See I fixed your mistake.

  9. What a nest of filthy cocksuckers you've enabled here, General Felcher. Your mother, had you ever had one, would be so proud.

    Good thing you rolled out from under a stork with your lips already attached to government teat, or you'd never have had a concept of 'mothering'.

    And vayjayjay? Forget ever seeing one of those, sans a photo. Your chances were slim enough, because peering out through the locker slits where you were always stuffed wasn't a turn-on to even high school-age girls. Past that age, women were smart enough to simply overlook you. But you know all of that.

    I guess your best-chance substitute was that fat democommie tail, instead. Enjoy it as you will.

  10. Not only are Teabaggers NOT racist, they are unfailingly polite and gentlemanly! Cases in point...

    When all of America is filled with 'baggers, what a nation it will be!

  11. Hey, How about an intelligent discussion in the realm of Ideas! Calling People racist is Folly. Why not an honest talk about size of Government, Taxation, etc.

  12. Wow, General. You know your day is truly blessed when a nut-job – er, sorry, “patriot” – like (ahem) “Serr8d” shows up. Isn’t funny how “patriots” like “Serr8d” – whose penises are not abnormally small, no matter what you say – like to use phallic references (knives, guns, giant aluminum-foil-covered vegetables) in their on-line names?

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. Whasamatter, you little general bitch-dog, can't handle the truth?

    You really are the scum of the earth.

  15. It must be painful to live with so much anger and hatred in your soul. What a sad, pickle-briny life you must lead. Sorry you're having such a horrible time. But please, when you finally decide to kill yourself, don't murder anybody else first.

    You know you want people to like you. If you kill yourself in a dramatic way in a public place, with a message of your choosing -- "Bill Clinton made me do this because he sodomized me when I was a Boy Scout" or somesuch -- then people will be sympathetic after you're dead. But if you kill your mom and her cats and burn down her house before you shoot yourself, the world at large -- at least the few thousand who will even hear of your existence -- people will just hate you as much as Democommie does.

    So when you DO decide to commit suicide -- and you KNOW you want to, just to make the misery stop -- do it in a way that will make everybody like you. I like you more just thinking about how you're going to do that.

  16. Er, Bukko – the picture isn’t Democommie.

  17. It ain't you, either! (At least I hope not.) And I bet Demo hates that sad bastard more than you do.

    FWIW, I don't hate people like that. I see them in their misery, after some crisis like alcoholic pancreatitis from hard-liquor binges. They are miserable internally. I feel sorry for them, the way I would feel for a squirrel that was hit by a car and had dragged itself to the side of the street where it was twitching and dying. (That last word-picture is for your squirrel-hating self, Demo.)

  18. Bukko, project much? Tell you what, when you do kill yourself, as you so desperately want to, do us a favor and use the sword to the belly. That means you'll at least die like a man; a far cry from how you've lived your miserable life.

    The only reason I came here is to respond to General Gaping Butt's post. Whilst here, I'm forced to respond to far-lefty douchenozzles such as Dick von Ebers (if that's not your photo, Dick, then why is it on your blog page?)

    I know this Democommie thinger from way back, when that nassty General Scumsalot drug him along down to Nashville to help bash a lefty gal for link-posting a post by a friend at 6MB's, a rant about some dead fat black blogger guy who was also far-gone lefty (and, like Oliver Willis, too damned stupid to stop eating).

    You dish it out, you get it back, punks. Live long enough, you'll see.

  19. Ha ha! Classic! Please post at my blog, Serrated! I would kill -- just not myself -- to have such amusing comments. You are comedy gold, my friend! "Sword to the belly" in conjunction with "project much." Do you know what "sword swallower" signifies in South American slang? Sounds you got something on your mind, big (or is it little?) guy...

  20. Oooh, it hisses and contorts
    And pitches forth its vulgar bile
    Toss the net and catch it whole
    Let it spew beneath the pile

    "Would that righteous truth prevailed!"
    The sputtering blob did shout
    But words of bitterness fall apart
    And angry boys do sniff and pout

    Hear the call, the rebel yell
    From soldiers in the past
    Look among the wreck of ages
    A graveyard deep and vast

    Cuss and moan and hurl invectives
    Raise the flame to make blood boil
    This is but a shadow game
    The dead no longer can be loyal

    So choose a side, and fight the fight
    A war that was lost long ago
    Fighting for your southern pride
    The poor white man can't let it go


  21. Watch out, MJS, you’ll be the next victim of The Mighty Photoshop of Horror!

  22. I am ready for my closeup Mr. Ziffle.



  23. Mr. Ziffle looks hungry, mjs. Feed 'em, so Dick von Ebers won't again be disappointed. Strips of Young Bukko filet might work out just fine.

    ("Edit-me" Young Bukko, the laziest midget blog-pony in General RottenBreath's midget blog- pony stable ?)

  24. Ah, if only I was "young" Bukko any more. I used to say "My mind is young -- it's just my knees that are old." But my mind's getting old and jaded too. Comes from seeing too many people slowly dying in front of me. But they're not going to die on MY shift!

    I've been lucky with that so far. Been working here for 10 months, and the other day I came on duty and had a First Nations lady's body in one of my rooms that had been left there because she died on the previous shift, and there were family members literally in the air, flying out from Back East to see her when she passed. After they were done, -- they actually burned Indian herbs as part of a mini ceremony -- I had to bag her and send her to the morgue. But I had to ask the nurse's aide where to find the body bags! (Soiled utility room here instead of clean supply room like at the last place where I worked.) The woman was stiff from rigor mortis by then, but that made it easier to get her into the bag, because she wasn't as floppy and flaccid as freshly dead bodies are.

    I reckon I've been doing pretty good -- almost a year and none of my people have croaked on me. There was a Pakistani guy, a DNR thank goodness, who expired literally 10 minutes after my shift had ended. But the oncoming nurse had checked in on his room as she hit the floor, because his breathing was so stentorious that you could hear it down the hall. It was a lucky break for me -- she had to deal with all the post-morten paperwork, calling the Eye Bank, removing the IVs and catheter, cleaning the body and tagging it... And she coyuldn't even say "Bukko, you lazy bastard, your patient was dead when I came on and you didn't even tell me about it!" because she had already seen the guy was still alive at 0700. I have a charmed life, I tell ya.

  25. Serr8d: I suggest a good dental plan for your hybrid. And some meditation perhaps, to smooth out the rough edges?


  26. Goodness gracious, the things I miss when I don't go back to check a comment thread from time to time.

    I just can't summon up the compassion that Bukko Canukko feels for Serrtaint. People that are KKKrazee like him and his buddy, Numbskull 8+7-6 are truly and awesomely skullfucked but they LIKE being that way. It's kinda like being a crackwhore for hatred. What can I say? I would not waste my time to go to their miserable caves and vent, but they seem to need to be able to foul nests other than their own. Makes no sense to me but neither does being a teabagger. BTW, fellas, we are not confused about the difference between Teabag and Tea Party. A "Tea Party" is what the folks in Boston had back in 1773. Teabagging is what you boys are doing and unfortunately you are the ones being teabagged by the scrotums of your corporate overlords, Rudeprick Moldycock's Faux News and the likes of Dickless Armey. Have fun boys, wipe your faces when you're done.

  27. One of the reasons I feel sorrow instead of rage for trolls like those is because I sense how powerless and pathetic they are.

    They got nothin' in their real lives. The only way they can best someone else is by being so disgusting that the other, superior, person loses their temper or deletes their post. How sad that is, to spend mental energy thinking of words that will just be erased. The goal is to nullify their own effort. "Please kill my words!" Like suicide by cop, only in a teeny-tiny way on minor corners of a glowing screen.

    And this "Serrated" fellow -- he remembers in detail all the twists and turns of various pissy matches he's had over the years. Again, sad -- fixated on grudges with unseen people somewhere in cyberland. People who have actual friends they can see and talk to don't waste time on such trivia. Trolls are so devoid of human contact that they hang onto that.

    Lastly, I can see through the psychology in their chosen names and words. "Serrated" wants to sound threatening, like a saw-edge knife. I've known truly tough people when I worked in prison and growing up around military bases when my dad was in the Army. The really hard ones didn't need to show it off because they knew they had steel inside them. People with play names don't have that confidence.

    And the insults people use reveal things about themselves too. The things we fear, we throw at other people, because we feel in our guts that other people would fear them as much as we do. This Serrated guy is afraid of bodily functions, and he feels unmanly, so he accuses other people of being what he's worried that HE is.

    How could you not feel pity for such sad specimens? I save my anger for wretches with power and intelligence, like Andrew Breitbart, Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch. But these yapping chihuahuas, who seek to terrorize by pooping in their own cages, "meh" to them.


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