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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Proof that Muslims are Behind the Homosexualist Mexican Assault on our Homeland

I hate to agree with Mr. Bartholomew, but he's right. There are no images of Satan on the Dome of the Rock. Clearly, the Muslims are taunting us with something much more vile--images of the famous homosexualist animation superstar, Squidward, and the Mexican Lucha Libre sensation, Solar.


  1. It truly is a homosexualist paradiso the way those Mexican luchadores do. Men grabbing and touching each other outside the confines of Spartan military ritual. Now if it was a hairy Meskin masked man handling a woman in the ring in public that way, I'd pay to see THAT! Even more if it was tag team.

  2. Oh! even more ghastly than satan!


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