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Friday, October 07, 2011

Jesus Wields a Nasty Spatula

I joined Sister Leah Kelley's Christian Domestic Discipline Forum awhile back, and I have to tell you, it's been a great blessing to me and OfJoshua.

Well, OK, not OfJoshua, she's been too darned busy witnessing to Mr. Garcia until all hours of the morning. But Sheila the Milita Morale Sheep stepped up to take her place. I even made her a little spatula holder we can attach to her hoof.

We've learned a heck of a lot from the Head of Households and their property who post there. Sister Trude, for instance, discussed a problem I think all Head of Households encounter:
My dh and I added CDD to our long and happy marriage earlier this year. We had a couple of bumps along the way, mostly due to our lack of experience combining CDD and my dh's arousal during spankings. [Golly, I bet that hurt like hell] Some of the HOH in the Yahoo! group helped him understand that this is normal/natural and suggested that he try to separate that from the spankings. Mostly successful, so far.
Sister Audra finds Christian Domestic Disciple to be a great diagnostic tool:
The day that changed it was the first time he really punished me with a spanking and left a bruise.. actually many.. he was horrified and we had to really wrestle with our decision... but we decided in the end that this was the life we wanted to continue living. We later discovered that I was low in iron which is what caused the bruising, so now days I rarely ever have bruises! He realized, that I needed this in my life.. and he enjoyed the benefits.. :-)
Sister Gwen found the joy of submission in an unlikely place:
I was married for 40 years and one day it was just over and everyone thinks it was my fault, though I tried as hard as I could. It has been over 5 years, and just now starting to feel like I will live.

Recently I had an experience where I was mad at this guy I had been working with and maybe being somewhat bitchy? The argument got mean and I got mean and I started to walk off in a huff! Suddenly, he hit me right on my bottom and it really stung! I can't understand it but all my anger was gone, just like that.
Brother Nursetim wonders about pre-marital spanking and aftercare:
We have been looking a bit now for a place to discover the CDD lifestyle (her suggestion, my excited follow-up). It seems that only a small bit of a problem remains. The Spanking and the Aftercare? How do we incorporate that part while still dating?
Brother DDMS responds with a sermon on the sanctity of the paddle:
I would suggest....and I think most here would agree....that you would be better to wait to start the spankings and after-care until after the marriage. (Not saying a smack to a clothed posterior would be totally taboo.) But in my opinion, that's something that should be saved for married couples. For one reason, it is our husbands that God has instructed us to be submissive to. Plus, it has physical contact that I don't think the Lord would find pleasing until after marriage. And who needs another excuse to "stumble" in that regard?

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