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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Third Eagle on Evil Dates

Our friend, William Tapley, Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and Co-Prophet of the End Times has unlocked the code that, until now, has hidden the identity of evil dates. The secret is that they all have 9-11 hidden within them. But sometimes, that malicious number is hard to find:
The last 9-11 event did not occur on any date with 9-11 in it, and that was the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords. That occurred on January 8th of this year. But why is that significant? Because it appeared 119 days after 9-11.
November may be the most evil month of all:
Even the month of November has a certain amount of evil to it because it is a combination of 9 and 11. November is the 11th month of the year, but it was originally the 9th month of the year, that is until the Cesars, Julius and Augustus added two months, that is July and August, to the year. Now we have 12 months. The "N-O-V" in November stands for nine. November, itself, is a 9-11 month.
11-9-11 is the first evil date in November:
Notice that we have both 9-11 in this date and 9-11 backwards, that is 11-9...I'm uploading this on the 8th, so we will soon find out.
As you may recall, the 9th was the day when toke demons seized Brother Rick Perry's mind, clouding it with visions of Funyuns at critical moments during the GOP debate.

Third Eagle Tapley continues:
The next evil date in November would be 11-11-11....Jonathan Kleck posted a video saying that the Hoover Dam will be blown up on that date, and it's very likely that the Hoover Dam will be an upcoming false flag event, although it may not occur on that specific date. The Lord has verified to me that Jonathan Kleck is a true prophet.
But even true prophets of the Lord can be wrong. As Third Eagle Tapley notes, Kleck is using the wrong picture of the Our Lady of Guadalupe when he says that "the cowl on Mary's head looks like a goat's tongue and the whole image is like a goat."

The Co-Prophet of the End Times goes onto note that 11-11-11 is also 666:
...the starter numbers on a bar code signify 666...those bar codes also signify 11-11-11 and that means 11-11-11 means 666
Here's how Third Eagle Tapley says it works:

  1. On bar codes, two thin parallel lines represent the number six.
  2. The number six appears three times (666) in the registration lines of every barcode.
  3. The lines representing the number six are shaped like an 11.
The Third Eagle moves on to the next evil date:
The next significant date for potential evil this November would be 11-23-11...23, itself, is an evil number; it signifies also 666, because 2 before 3 symbolizes man before God...and 2 before three, or over 3, equals .666 in mathematics, and, of course 666 is the number of the antichrist.
The Co-Prophet predicts that two events may occur on 11-23-11. The first is a huge earthquake resulting from the comet Elenin's alignment with the Earth and the Sun. The second is the beginning of World War Three, which Third Eagle Tapley notes actually started a year ago when "North Korea attacked South Korea."

The Co-Prophet declares that 11-29-11 is "the next date for potential evil in November" He believes that is the day when Hoover Dam will be blown up by secret Obamunist guvmint agents, because:
...this is another expression of 11-11-11, because 29 added together equals 11.
Third Eagle Tapley finishes his sermon by pointing out a very evil date from the past: 5-6-66*:
This is the day Margaret Sanger died. She was certainly one of the precursors of the antichrist. She founded Planned Parenthood, perhaps the most wicked organization in the planet.

* In the description Co-Prophet Tapley posted for the video, he says he was mistaken about the date of Sanger's death:
Check out Jonathan Kleck's true prophecies. In this video, the corrected date for Sanger's death should be 9/6/66.

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