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Thursday, February 09, 2012

[Reproductive] Freedom is Slavery

Sister Housewife preaches it like a man:
THE IDEA that public discouragement of contraception forces people to have children does not stand up to reason. No society in history has ever forced its citizens to engage in intimate relations. Public discouragement of “birth control” does, however, inevitably force a people to remain conscious of its procreative power and, thus, its destiny as a people. Furthermore, it encourages the individual in the habit of self control, which is the basis of all advanced cultures and of any society worth living in. Without self control, there is little of civilized beauty. Interior illuminations, great art, arresting architecture, monuments of philosophical or literary thought, revelations of divine wisdom – these come from societies that prize self control.

Reproductive freedom is enslavement and darkness. Without self control, there is decay. Let’s call a spade a spade. Birth control, lavishly available and widely used, makes a people stupid. It produces ennui and vacuity. Birth control is not just about children. It’s about the spiritual and intellectual temper of a people.

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