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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hollyweirdofascists Demonize Archie Bunker and Negrofy "The Hunger Games"

Diana at The Thinking Housewife lists a couple of problems she has with "The Hunger Games."

First, she doesn't see how the film will help our plutocratic masters. Sure, we might like the ruling class's gaudy makeup and fashions, but the Hollyweirdofascist liberals who are making the series will poison our minds and make us hate our betters in the end.

According to Diana, that's what they did with "All in the Family:"
Conservatives at first hated that show but Archie Bunker, as portrayed by the late, great Carroll O’Connor, became something of a hero. The audience transformed the butt into the reason for watching the show, it’s true, but, except on rare occasions, the producers were always on “The Meathead’s” side, and he always got the last word, so no matter what, the liberals won.
Second, Diana joins the chorus of those who are angry about the negrofication of the film:
No, so read Mr. Hood’s review, paying particular attention to the character’s Cinna, Thresh and Rue, the first of whom (I gather, I haven’t read them) wasn’t black in the books. I would add to this that an unnamed black character in the film starts an anti-government revolution (so he’s another black good guy); that Rue’s death scene rivals that of Little Nell’s as maudlin camp, and that Thresh, a young black man, throttles to death a young white female contestant in full view of the camera, while his death is mercifully indicated off screen, and not shown. Stacking the books, anyone?

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