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Friday, April 06, 2012

Commenters Prompt Proudly White European-American to Write Angry Letters to My Sponsors

You rotten commenting bastards.

Your comments prompted proudly white European-American Marion Levinson "John" King, III* to write angry letters to my sponsors. At least, that's what he says at White News Now:
I responded to the libelous statements [at Jesus' General] and will sue Full Sail Univ and ITT Tech if they do not remove their ads
I'm not sure what comments he thinks are libelous, but I suspect they're the ones in which you goddammed self-hating Uncle Elmers accuse him of being racist, anti-Semitic, Nazi. Looking at his comments, that's what seemed to piss him off.

I don't know where you got that idea. After all, he only called Trayvon Martin a "ghetto hoodlum" and expressed his opinion that black people are more predisposed toward crime than acceptably white Americans.

Maybe you assumed he's a racist Nazi after you read his bio at Save White People. In it, he says he lives by the "14 Words." But you'd have to look that phrase up to learn that the 14 words, "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children" were written by "The Order" founder, David Lane, who the uber-proudly-white consider to be a hero on par with Adolf Hitler (white pride site).

I don't think the fact that his co-blogger promoted his Trayvon Martin post on the Vanguard New Network (slogan: "No Jews, Just Right") had anything to do with your assumption. It can't because of the publisher's ties to the neo-Nazi National Alliance. He split with them after they refused to provide legal defense help to an NA state leader.

Perhaps you said it because Mr. King promotes the Creativity Movement, a religion started by the inventor of the electric can opener because he believed only whites were creative enough to build things like electric can openers and weapons for RaHoWa, the Church's acronym for racial holy war. You might know the Creative movement by its old name, the World Church of the Creator. They changed it after one member went on a racial killing spree and their leader was sent to prison for plotting to kill a federal judge.

As for King being an anti-Semitic Jew hater, I don't know where you got that. He makes it clear in his "Tribute to Creativity" video (at about 2:58) that Jews aren't even Semitic, they're Turks!

*Tip of the ol' helmet to Matt Algren who publishes Asterisk.

Update: From Mr. King's blog:
The month that we here at Save White People are dedicating to the racial holy war!

3. WE BELIEVE that Racial Loyalty is the greatest of all honors, and racial treason is the worst of all crimes.
5. WE BELIEVE that the one and only, true and revolutionary White Racial Religion -Creativity- is the only salvation for the White Race.
Let us together fight against the Jews and other races and show them we are strong and united. If the White man can think it, he can do it. Let us wake him from his slumber and together we will win this racial holy war! RAHOWA!

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