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Friday, June 01, 2012

I am the NRA (part 3.7x1026)

Ian Stawicki loved guns, but he had a disability, mental illness, that, thanks to the Constitution-hating, gun-grabbing lobby, disqualified him from owning them. Fortunately, there were good, Second Amendment respecting citizens within his community who were willing to help him exercise his NRA-given rights despite his disability.

One was a gun dealer who is known to prize gun ownership over silly government paperwork. Others were state legislators who require county law enforcement to issue concealed carry permits to people with a history of committing violent acts. These people helped Mr. Stawicki purchase six .45-caliber or 9-mm handguns and obtain the permit he needed to carry them, hidden from view.

It was a success story, a tale of one man's triumph over a disability that prevented him from achieving his bliss.

Then, something completely unforeseeable happened. Ian Stawicki walked into Seattle's Cafe Racer and shot Drew Keriakedes, a performer who "played a foul-mouthed, singing clown" and "was a bighearted, romantic songwriter" who would read stories to neighborhood kids.

Mr. Stawicki murdered Joe Albanese, next. Joe was an "old typical musician...He'd rather play a gig and drink and have some food and call it a good night. And if he made money, that's good. And if he didn't, that's fine, too," the kind of guy who could quote lines from Marx brothers movies all night long.

Then, he killed Don Largan, "the quiet guy in glasses and a black knit cap who'd always smile and nod when you saw him. If he knew you, you were his friend...'On summer nights you could hear him playing saxophone in his back yard.'"

Leonard Meues was Stawicki's next victim, Leonard is a former research scientist who, at 46, gave up a prestigious job at the University of Washington to achieve his dream of becoming a pastry chef. Mr Meuse is the only survivor. He is now fighting for his life in a Seattle hospital.

Stawiki murdered one other unidentified person before he put on one of the victims' hats and left Cafe Racer.

Thirty-seven minutes later, in another part of town, Stawaki pulled Gloria Koch Leonidas from her car, shot her, and then drove her car over her body (911 audio) as he made his escape. Ms. Leonidas was the mother of two teenage girls.

Four hours later, Stawicki shot himself as police officers moved in to arrest him.

Who could have foreseen such an ending.

Circus Contraption -- one of the bands for which Keriakedes sang and Albanese played bass.

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