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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Violence of the Gams

Arete at The Thinking Housewife tells us that not-men are viciously beating men with there deadly cleavage:
Immodest dress is analogous to male violence. Men who flaunt their muscles and crush beer can’s with their fists (not that I have seen much of that lately) are telling the weaker world around them, “I could crush you. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t.We’ll see. Depends how much you annoy me.” Women are stronger than men in this one way – the sight of their women’s bodies is overpowering to men. Immodest women are saying to men, “You could have sex with me, if I let you. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. It depends how much you annoy me.”

Both behaviors are flaunting the power that one has over another weaker being and both behaviors used to be considered uncouth.

But as the myth goes: only men have ever been violent towards women not the other way around (women have no power over men whatsoever – don’t you know!) and so now that we have entered the great age of woman – when she will get her revenge for all the injustices against her by men through the ages – both real and imagined — she has decided to take her “pound of flesh.” But instead of a swift cut right above the heart like Shylock she wants to get men where it really hurts– tease and taunt with the sight of her own body, forever reminding men of their weakness before female power.
Elsewhere at The Thinking Housewife, Aditya B alerts us to the possibility that France's new First Lady, Valérie Trierweiler, may ignite a race war if she continues to wear slit skirts:
I want to ask you whether you believe that women like Valérie Trierweiler, France’s First Girlfriend, have any sense of self-awareness.

Do these women realize that most non-whites regard all white women as nothing more than a piece of meat? And when confronted by one who looks like she can accessorize her dress with a lamp post and a public defender, most non-whites will not only not take her seriously, they will not take her husband, companion, escort, whatever they call ‘em nowadays seriously. In her case, her country will not be taken seriously as most non-whites are going to conclude that it is a land of prostitutes, and indeed, they even put one on the highest pedestal of power.

Do you think white women have any idea about these perceptions? Do you think they have the slightest concern, not only for their safety and dignity, but for the safety and dignity of their compatriots?

Has it occurred to half-naked TV hosts, drunk sorority girls and the like, that images of their behaviour cause non-white men worldwide to view all white women as whores? Consequently, no white girl is safe abroad.

Are white women just deluded? Or completely stupid? Or a bit of both? Or what? I simply do not understand this behaviour.

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