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Friday, June 22, 2012

Ladies, Are You Looking For an Incarcerated Man?

Ladies seeking a good, strong head-of-household often overlook an important source for potential hubbies, prison. Think about it. Penitentiaries report more Jesus findings than any other place on the planet.

Single not-men can now find the incarcerated man of their dreams at a dating site called Prison Inmates Online. Ladies, here's a sampling of a few of the fine men seeking your company:

David Draheim, #213141 is a family-values-loving, patriot:
I was born November 11, 1956 in Lansing MI. I'm 6'6 and 295 lbs. I'm a body builder and spend most of my time lifting weights. I'm very understanding and sensitive to other peoples feelings.

One quality that I have always had is that I'm extremely faithful. I believe in true family values. I grew up where respect for others was always number one.

Incarcerated For: Murder
Serving Life Sentence? Yes
William (Bill) Leonard, #16830, a manly man who writes one heck of a sexy letter and is an artist with a shiv, is seeking "electrical stimulation":
Guard who could open doors electronically, locked me in a cell with this guy. It was like the classic Mel Gibson film, “Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome”: “Two men enter, one man leaves.”...I believe masculinity is measured by stoic endurance. And people admire my courage, determination, endurance – for they show strength of character. Strength truly emanates from me. I have mellowed over the years though. Plus, I’ve grown both emotionally and intellectually. I’m open and direct. I enjoy talk and mental stimulation.

I really want to meet someone that is willing to write me, even though I’m on death row. I love to read and write, including erotic fantasies and stories. I’m seeking good interaction. So if you are looking for friendship with an 01’ warrior that will treat you as you deserve to be treated and have electrically stimulating contact with, then you have found your guy.
Looking for a man who only tattoos pictures of white men on his arm? John Tackett, #09121-032 is your guy
I should be released from prison in May of 2017. I received 15 years for conspiracy to sell weed.

I am a very laid back country type of person. I enjoy watching basketball, football, and NASCAR.Like to spend my time outside most of the time though like to fish, go camping, and travel to new places. Want to meet some new friends, and if it leads to something else that will be fine to. Please send picture when you write.
Bobby Jagers, #178028, is 100% committed to the hetrosexual lifesyle.
If you decide to write, please send a picture so I can see who is writing. I don't judge for one's outer beauty as I do their inner quality which enhances their outer appearance. I won't write any homosexuals so please don't write. I'm 100% straight and nothing about men turns me on.

If you feel you made a mistake after writing I have a "money back guarantee". I'll refund your stamp. "Smile"

Favorite Movie: Cool Hand Luke
Inmate Release Date: 2099
Incarcerated For: 2 armed robberies, 2 kidnapping
Granville Steven Pinion, #04767-003, is a religous boy who likes to make hand puppets:
As you can see from my photo, one of my hobbies is designing and making hand puppets. I've been told that I should put them on the Internet, so I thought I would start here to see what people think. My other hobby is that I enjoy studying old religions. Some of my favorites are works by: Alister Crowley...I hope to get out of here one day. My crime was not so bad as for life in prison.
Inmate Release Date: Life
Incarcerated For: Kidnapping
Ernest Baker, #1550 3798, plays peek-a-boo with his pubes for Jesus:
My main interests in life are as follows: I like going to church, reading my Bible and getting to know Jesus as my personal Saviour and that's number one in my life...
Incarcerated For: Attempted Aggravated Murder
Serving Life Sentence? Yes

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