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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Traditional Confederate Values Are Here to Stay

I've often said the people of our great nation have lost their way; that they no longer respect such cherished Heartland values as livestock love or the persecution of the unConfederately-hued and the rotten Leviticus-flouting shellfish-eating bastards who choose the wrong person to love.

But as I read the letters below--letters written to Look Magazine in 1957 in response to an article featuring the confessions of Emmett Till's killers, Roy Bryant and J. W. Milam--I feel hope for those who still revere traditional Confederate values. Many sound like the comments we read today at Fox Nation, the Daily Caller, or any of Breitbart's Big blogs in response to stories about the killing of Trayvon Martin, the shootings at the Sikh temple, or the latest attack on homosexualists.

From Look Magazine, 1957:
No race in the world has made as much progress as the Southern Negro since he was set free as a slave 90 years ago. The southern white man has contributed gladly to that advancement and will continue to do so, if social reformers who know little about our problem will let us work it out in our own way...
Lee B. Weathers
Publisher, Shelby Daily Star
Shelby, North Carolina

Roy Bryant and J. W. Milam did what had to be done, and their courage in taking the course they did is to be commended. To have followed any other course would have been unrealistic, cowardly and not in the best interest of their family or country.
Richard Lauchli
Collinsville, Illinois
Update: Commenter John Thomas informs us that gun grabbing socialists later imprisoned Brother Lauchli for exercising his well-regulated militia rights.
...If the Till boy were my own son, and he were white in color (as I am) and he conducted himself by molesting a Negro woman...I would approve and understand if the Negro husband did likewise...
Walter Tate
Brooklyn, New York

...You are champions of the NAACP...
John Barber
Montgomery, Alabama
And this final one sounds like what a modern patriot, maybe Sarah Palin, would write to the New York Times in response to those same stories:
...I want to cancel my subscription to your magazine at once. I will not have my home contaminated with...filthy, dishonest articles...
Mrs. W. R. Prevost
Utica, Mississippi
It looks like traditional Confederate values are here to stay.

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