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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bonin' For the Lord with God's Attorney

During the day, James M. Henderson Sr performs our Lord and Savior's work as a senior attorney for Jay Sekulow's American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ). It's a tough job, but Brother Henderson loves being in the middle of the fray for such important cases as Bush v. Gore and the battle to keep Terri Sciavo's body on-line years after the Mormons baptized her brain. Even more satisfying for him, it's a job that keeps him in the front lines working to bring prayer to public schools, assisting Jack Abramoff in relieving Indian casino owners of their ill-got gains, and fighting to compel women to give birth.

At night after kissing his wife goodbye, the sixty-something-year-old father of eight children relaxes by assuming the alias "Kyle Johnson" and smoking fat ones with his crew, the pair of nice, young, firm buttocked men pictured below:

Unfortunately, Satan worked on these young boys, convincing them that Brother Henderson might be a secret homosexualist with a hankering to enslave them in a life of sin, so they told a blogger everything they knew about him.

The next day, Brother Henderson's profile mysteriously disappeared from the ACLJ's web site.

This is the first of two posts I wrote today. Read about "why Mitt and Ann Seem So Frustrated."

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